PUBG - Why Was Map Selection Removed from PUBG?

PUBG, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is an online battle style game made for many players to fight to the death. In the game, you are deployed onto an island by way of parachuting. When you reach land, it’s up to you to look for weapons and supplies that help you stay alive longer than your dozens of enemies. As you battle other players, the battle area gets smaller over time which forces everyone to fight sooner rather than later. It’s a challenging game that is a roller coaster ride from start to finish.

Unwelcome Changes

PUBG’s fans have come to love everything about the game, so when changes are made it is not openly received. Earlier this year, PUBG ran into drama when it decided to make some of these tweaks. The game removed map selection for users. A lot of people saw this as a backwards step in an otherwise flawless game. Many looked forward to playing their favorite spots and have come to learn what type of terrain is best for their style of play.

When asked, PUBG’s creators claimed that there were not enough users of the game to support map selection. It created lags in the system when there shouldn’t be any. The four maps that they have are now randomly selected for everyone. This could mean you could be playing the same map over and over again. It’s very infuriating if you prefer one map over another which many players do. Was this really a necessity?

Analyzing Data

Creators have no plans to change this. They have said they analyzed their data thoroughly and feel this is best for game play. Matchmaking times were affected when map selection was implemented, and they wanted to eliminate the issue completely. Players had been complaining that they were being sent to incorrect servers every time they were online. Getting rid of maps was a way to counter that.

However, they did leave some wiggle room as they plan out how they can include player choice in future updates. Creators do know that they need to keep their users happy. PUBG is not perfect for everyone, but they want to get things right for the majority of the players. They hope that fans are going to give the random map selector a chance to work for them. You may find that you end up liking more than one of them just by chance.