Proper Rotation in DOTA 2

Are you amazed at how pro teams in DOTA 2 keeps on winning the game? Besides the implementation of the right strategies, there is also one key factor that these pros are using rotation. This is something that players nowadays are not noticing. For you to win the game in DOTA 2, you must utilize the proper rotation.

But how can you rotate properly? What should your team do? Start using the proper rotation method through this guide so your chance of winning can be increased.

The appropriate rotation is difficult, but it is essential to winning the game. If you rotate right then, you can steal enemies efficiently and adequately. Proper rotation can also help your team dominate lanes and later win the game.

There are different rotations that you can use to your advantage:

Shrine & Rune

A rotation that can fool the opposing team and can catch them off-guard. This type of rotation concern with the utilization of the rune to your advantage. Here’s how it works.

Whenever you leave a lane, your enemy would notice it, and they will alert their teammates of your absences. To them, this would only mean two things, either you have gone back to base to heal or to another lane. They have perceived that you’ve gone back to the base because you are low in mana.

But here’s where the magic starts, instead of going back to base you refill using a shrine or bottle to replenish and then go to the lane where your enemy is to steal them by surprise.

This works for the players that are offlaners or those that work in the side lane. Their absence wouldn’t raise any alarm to the opposing team, but you have to time your rotation when runes have spawned so you can use them to your advantage.

Smoke Gank Strategy

One efficient way of ganking through rotation is by the smoke of deceit. The smoke of deceit renders you and your allies invisible and increase in mobility. This item is handy to surpass the wards that are planted by the enemies.

This can be advantageous when you plan to gank an enemy. You must be wise in utilizing the smoke of deceit, and you have to time it carefully for a successful gank with your allies.

TP Rotation

This rotation strategy concerns teleportation. The smart and efficient way of using teleportation to rotate. The teleportation rotation can be used to help your teammate dominate a lane or kill an enemy. Use this whenever your enemy hero is near your tower as you can prevent the pending push of a lane or an incoming gank by the enemy team.

These are some of the rotation strategies that you can use to win the game or turn the game into your favor. Play smart and utilize these rotation techniques strategically and at the right time to win games. Happy Gaming!