Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Good news, it is already available in iOS and Android. During and after the launching alongside, it was debated by Fortnite Battle Royal. You may convert it both into pc.


PUBG Mobile is made for free to play by video gamers. It has upgraded and has its new way to re-empower and to earn faster cosmetic rewards. Not only rewards, but you’ll also earn BP as you are playing matches. If you have earned more points you can those points to create your own weapons. You can still earn ExP points. Your vitality will be increased as you finish every daily mission by playing with different matches. Your EXP will be earned the same, and you can use it to unlock permanent account features such as the formation of avatar and immediately raise your level.

Customizable Controls

Usually, all phones required for this game should be touch-screen. You should use the default configuration, such as moving your virtual control stick and using your fingers, especially the thumb, to move for your aim. The fire is at down sights, and your virtual backups are on the left side. You should feel comfortable with the position and layouts so that your leaning and seeing the whole play should awesome.

But if you don’t feel comfortable, you can resize and change layouts by easily sliding them around. You can also set off your own. But if the layouts are intuitive you should not to.

Auto pick Used

Most of the mobile and video game companies are providing auto-pic features automatically. They can collect weapons, armour, healing system, guns and helmet as the game progresses. You may notice that your arm will be equipped and attach speedy thereon. All these automation will greatly help you with your better inventory.

Critics, Reviews and Feedbacks

Most of the gamers complain about if not wearing headset it’ll get annoying. For compensation, PUBG company enhances further a lot of visual information that would convey you when you play. It has its hitmaker located at the center of your screen, which can dictate the direction you want to shot from. Also, in the mini-map, you can find there the bullet direction, your enemies and the general area to gun fired. It’s recommended to use your pair earbuds. It can also track some other players and move you safely from them.