Overwatch - Why Is Widowmaker Overpowered?

As a sniper, Widowmaker is a highly sought after character. She is precise in her shots, patient when she needs to be, and almost always deals a deadly blow. Despite all this, she is not without controversy. Since she can kill from a long distance with incredible damage, many who play against her have no shot of survival. Gamers argue that it is an unfair fight that puts the other team in an immediate advantage once she is on the team. Is the Widowmaker overpowered like many think? Unfortunately, it looks like it.

When Widowmaker takes her shot, there is pretty much no escaping the havoc she just unleashed. If you do make it out of the fight still breathing, chances are you are significantly injured and need support to make it out alive. It can be frustrating, as there is no room for counter play. Without the ability to fight back, it makes

Many gamers claim that the incredible damage that Widowmaker can inflict in the blink of an eye is too much for Overwatch. She makes the game unnecessary to play with such a huge power. If there is no way to beat her, why should they play? This question can be seen in many Overwatch message boards. Widowmaker is truly a source of confusion and frustration.

The other side who support Widowmaker’s features say it can motivate others to think outside the box when trying to defeat her. The creators made her for a reason, and some have made it a mission to understand her true role in the game. If she can clear so many players in one go, can she be used advantageously by the opposing team? It definitely is something to think about.

Whatever side you stand with, the general consensus is that Widowmaker is overpowered. It can be a good feature or bad one, but it all depends on how you view the game. Despite her powerful abilities, Widowmaker is still a favorite to play for many. Her sniping can cause chaos that can then be used as a way to advance the team forward. No matter your style of play, you have to be amazed by her skill.