Overwatch Ranking System

The Ranking System plays a significant role in Overwatch gameplay. Every player has the same purpose, and that is to bring their team to a higher rank. Achieving this goal means great accomplishment, and it also determines your performance in the during the competition. So, it is not surprising if someone called you “the best Overwatch player” if they knew that you have reached the high rank.

Let the ranking system be your motivation to strive to win in every challenge or match you face. Before you get a rank, you are required to complete the given 10 placement matches. Your winnings in every placement match affects your rank. It means that the more winnings you’ll get, the higher Skill Rank you will achieve as well.

Skill Rank starts from 1 to 100, indicating the worst players in the lowest rank or 1 while the best players who reach 100 are declared the best. Those who are positioned around 50 has the average skill.

Depending on the result of the final round of matches, players may gain or lose their progress, and that automatically affects their next Skill Rank tier. The amount changes each time you join the game. Therefore, you should aim to win consistently if you really want to go to a higher rank or increase the Skill Rank of your team.

Just like with what is happening to your team, it also affects the standing of your opponent. They may win or lose, and that will also affect their Skill Rank after each match.

No one can guess what will your next Skill Rank when another season commenced again. Since Blizzard is updating their system and improving the game almost every new season, you still need to make sure that you have one objective in mind; that is to win. No matter how frequent they do their updates, winning the game is the most important goal of each player because that will also boost your overall team stats or ranking.

Lastly, winning will also give you rewards. You will get cosmetic items once you consistently show your best performance. Completing 10 placement games in one season enables you to receive a player icon and spray that are available during the particular season. You should aim to be included in the top 500 players if you want a special icon displayed under your hero portrait instead of just your rank number. You can also get an animated spray exclusively provided at that particular season.