Overwatch Experimental cards

From the last update of the blizzard about the experimental card that will change the game experience of the player. Which, it will be an experiment used for the balance updates, changes to rules, and game modes. Their main goal is to allow the meta to change the weekly more diversity to the hero in the future matches. Now at present, they released another developer update about it. And this put another question on what we can expect about these experimental cards in our next gameplay?

According to Jeff Kaplan, they are now on the eve of the experimental card to be live and can be available anytime soon. He also added that this experimental card focused on the radical gameplay changes. So, players can expect a switch on the role queue system. But it is only an experiment that they are trying to figure out what the best things to improve and work for a more fabulous gaming experience.

The experimental card's main focus in the game is the dealing of the damage characters. Making it a triple damage changing the default team composition instead of 2-2-2, it will be now 3-2-1. That would be a three damage, two supports, and one tank. According to Kaplan, these are the changes that they are unsure of.  So, that is why they needed the help of feedback from the players.

These experimental card purposes are to test different gameplay concepts and how ill the players react to it. These triple damage concepts can be a significant addition to the Overwatch and or might be a bad idea to have. And we can only determine the answers as we start this experiment.

But one thing is for sure when you are queue for matches in the experimental card, the account will still be leveling, and you will what be supposed reward you should receive such as the loot box. And if there will be an event such as Halloween or summer games with the experimental card are still up, credits such as epic skin unlocks are always available, and you can even get one.

According to Kaplan, there might be more events and surprises coming while the experimental card is up. And please be guided that these experimental card modes are only the changes that the team wants to figure out with the help also of the players through their feedbacks.