Overwatch: A Guide to Sigma’s Story

Sigma is Overwatch’s 31st hero, and the 10th hero to be added to the game post-launch. He is a tank character who is also capable of high damage output and is associated with Talon.


Sigma’s story begins while he was still known as Dr. Siebren De Kuiper. Born in the Netherlands, Dr. Kuiper proved to be a prodigy in astrophysics.


While working as a scientist, he was renowned as being a true pioneer in the science of astrophysics and considered one of the most important astrophysicists in the world.


He had a reputation for being quite eccentric and may have had Asperger’s. This never held him back in pursuit of his life’s work, however.


He held the belief that humanity could unlock the key to controlling and harnessing the power of gravity, and through this power, the world as we know it would change indefinitely.


Dr. Kuiper believed that gravity was a harness, and he developed a series of theories, called the unifying theories, to try and prove that.


He was under the impression that he was getting very close and would soon be able to allow humanity to wield the power of a black hole.


Finally, after thinking he found the solution, Dr. Kuiper traveled to the International Space Station to carry out his prolific and historical experiment.


This experiment soon went disastrously wrong. The containment field for the experiment began to collapse. Dr. Kuiper was unable to stop it, and a black hole was briefly formed.


Kuiper was exposed to the power of this black hole momentarily and was sent into a world of pain. The gravity around the Doctor began to change rapidly in accordance with his reactions, and he was soon evacuated back to earth.


When he returned, it was discovered that the Doctor had experienced severe psychological damage as a result of the event. As such, he was quarantined in a secret government facility.


Now dubbed “Subject Sigma,” the once Dr. Kuiper descended into madness, ranting and raving about patterns of the universe.


During this time Sigma was unable to control his abilities, and the government monitored him closely, carrying out research and experimentation on him.


Talon soon after learned of Sigma’s existence. They created and executed a plan to break him out. The operation succeeded, and Talon infiltrated the facility, exiting with Sigma in tow.


Talon planned to use the scientist’s genius and power for their own gain. Under their watch, Sigma eventually began to learn how to control his new gravitational power.


Despite his current predicament, Dr. Kuiper’s experiment was a success. Sigma could now wield the power of gravity, and he was one step closer to realizing his life’s goal.


The cost of this experiment, however, was Sigma’s mind, which was not shattered and fractured. He tried to keep the pieces together while continuing his experiments, all the while unaware that Talon was using him and his research.


He continued to work towards his ultimate objective of unlocking the secrets of the universe, spending most of his time in an off-site lab granted to him by Talon.