Overwatch 2 Is Here!

After the team behind Overwatch announced a second version of the game in 2019, people have been expecting it. It’s finally here, and this article tells you what you need to know about it!


What Is It?


People who love Overwatch are immensely excited because the sequel is now here. Blizzard Entertainment developed and published it, and the company wanted to provide players with a different gaming experience.


Even though it shares a lot of features with the classic Overwatch game, Overwatch 2 introduces a different playing mode: player versus environment. 


Additionally, teams in Overwatch 2 can only have five members, unlike in the first game. This seems like a disadvantage, but the brand behind the game chose this feature because it allows players to have a high-quality gaming experience, especially due to the added benefits that the characters have now.




Players are split into two different teams in Overwatch 2, and it’s a hero shooter, much like the first version of the game. As of 2022, you can choose between around 30 characters, which means that you have a lot of options to pick from to win the game.


Each character is unique and has its own skillset, so choosing yours is the most crucial part of starting to play. When you choose, you must determine who you prefer depending on the character’s combination of passive skills, active skills, and special Ultimate power.


Now, players in Overwatch 2 can split into teams of five and only get one tank per team. According to the brand behind the game, teams of six with two tanks slowed the game down, so the changes might improve the gameplay.


With a new PvP mode, you also get entirely new features. You can, for example, play ‘tug of war.’ In this setting, players must try to control a robot to push the payload to the opponent’s side of the map.


Furthermore, Overwatch 2 will feature seasonal events. Four-player teams might be able to play against computers on special occasions, which allows you to develop your character’s skills, unlock new powers, and eventually, customize how your hero plays.


Since you also get a story mode, you’re able to replay missions based on the lore of the game. If you know enough, this might help you unlock new powers and enhance your hero’s skills.




The brand behind the game announced it in 2019. Additionally, the team always said that Overwatch 2 would keep a ‘shared multiplayer environment.’


Although Overwatch 2 runs on the original game’s engine, the improvements that the team made allow the new game to run smoothly. 


Lastly, all the heroes will get an entirely new look for Overwatch 2. However, the people behind the brand do not expect that all heroes will be ready by the time of launching, so they chose 12 to revamp and the rest might appear as time goes on.




Overwatch 2 is one of the games that people expect the most. Now that it’s here, make sure that you’re ready for the new player modes – enjoy the upgraded version of your favorite hero shooter!

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