Overwatch 2 Is Here!

One of the most adored FPS games on the planet now is Overwatch. Blizzard's flagship FPS has solidified its position in gaming history with its abundance of extraordinary characters, gorgeous maps, and an active esports community. Although there were few specifics when Overwatch 2 was unveiled at Blizzcon in 2019, we now know what to anticipate from the follow-up.

Even while the road to the release has been long, things are beginning to come together. Let's examine all the information available regarding Overwatch 2.

What Is Overwatch 2?

The free-to-play sequel to the smash team-based hero shooter Overwatch from 2016 is called Overwatch 2. This is not considered a sequel because it's just a significant update that brings in tons of new content and modernizes the game with attributes like rebalanced heroes and a fresh user interface. It also suggests that Overwatch 1 is wholly replaced, causing present Overwatch 1 players to trade to Overwatch 2, while new players can only play this game version.

Overwatch 2's gameplay maintains the essential objective-focused modes but alters things with 5v5 instead of 6v6 battles. Teams with locked roles will only have one tank in addition to the customary two damage heroes and supports.

Along with new maps for existing modes, the new Push mode will introduce a brand-new game where teams compete to control a robot that must run into the opponent's territory to earn points. Co-op PvE missions will also be available sometime in 2023. They will advance the plot and offer players a unique method to play Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 finally ends the Overwatch hero drought by adding three new characters: Sojourn, Junker Queen, and Kiriko. With each new season, more heroes will enter the fray, but you'll have to earn them with the new Battle Passes. As time passes, expect to see tons of new cosmetics for all heroes, featuring new skins and charms.

Overwatch 2 Release Date

The release of Overwatch 2 was scheduled for Tuesday, October 4. However, it's essential to remember that this initial launch will only feature PvP and bear the "early access" designation.

Since the game's introduction, Blizzard has remained relatively mum about a set release date. That is until the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcased 2022 event when the confirmation came. The actual rollout is still unclear, although an initial release has been confirmed.

While the early access version of the game offers the entire PVP experience, including new maps, a novel mode, and three new heroes, it is unclear when PVE will be included. Our only date is sometime in 2023, so it might be some time before the complete package is made public.

Portals for Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 will be accessible on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC, just like its predecessor. These systems include the most recent PS5 and Xbox X | S Series models and PS4 and Xbox One hardware from earlier generations.

In terms of crossplay, the game will enable cross-platform play and cross-progression. It's essential to keep in mind that Overwatch 2 on Switch will have "some concessions," as technical director John Lafleur stated in a Reddit AMA.


You now know everything there is to know about Overwatch 2. We'll do our best to keep you informed of everything that happens with the eagerly awaited sequel. Follow us to stay informed.

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