Most Popular Dota 2 Compositions

No matter what game you’re playing, your team is a crucial part of any team-based game. This is especially true when playing Dota, as specific team compositions are more effective in certain aspects.


To be successful and reach your ultimate goal, which is to destroy the opposing team's ancient, you need a robust team composition. Many would argue that the end-result of the game is partly or wholly decided during the picking phase before the actual game begins.


Knowing some compelling compositions can be useful the next time you begin a game. There are some popular Dota 2 compositions, including the following:


Enigma, Skywrath, Invoker, and Void


At first glance, you’re able to see that as soon as everybody has their ultimates ready, your team's primary call-to-action would be to take every teamfight they can find. Skywrath Mage's Mystic Flare can create a full damage hit thanks to Faceless Void's Chronosphere.


A Meteor and Sun Strike can land on targets by Invoker that are caught by Faceless Void in the Chronosphere. This grants an excellent opportunity for Engima to create a Black Hole.


Now that your time is comprised, it’s time to decide which hero you should choose. To do this, we need to take a look at what lanes your team is already in. Faceless Void and Skywrath Mage are in the safe lane, Invoker falls into the mid-lane, and Engima is in the jungle.


All this information pushes you to choose an offlaner. There are a variety of ways that you can play an offlaner. However, a popular one to go with is a tanky strength hero. Let’s have a look at some possible options to choose from:


Bristleback and Tidehunter


Bristleback and Tidehunter are excellent offlander options, as these compositions all have exceptional durability while not being very farm-dependent. 


Bristleback can sustain a long teamfight. He can stack up his Quill Spray on any opponents while being able to provide more extreme damage over time. Enemies that have too many stacks of Quill Spray on them run the risk of dying easily. This feature discourages enemies from wanting to attack Bristleback. However, Bristleback is out as an option due to the Quill Spray not being in a significant enough quantity to catch everyone in the Chronosphere if the enemy team is spread out.


Tidehunter is an excellent offlander because of his passive Kraken Shell. This feature gives him a fantastic damage block. Moreover, he is equipped with an Anchor Smash that deals with providing physical damage and combats enemy damage by lowering it. This makes it harder for the enemy team to hit last. 


Adding all these features together, the leveling up Anchor Smash and maxed Kraken Shell, Tidehunter gains the ability to stack easily and takedown ancients. The result of this is that he can get a faster Blink Dagger (Blink Dagger is usually core on Tidehunter).


Tidehunter can deal with sufficient damage because of his ultimate Ravage being an AoE stun. This is the perfect option for the rest of the line-up. The combined features of each hero create a team that can dominate every teamfight they're presented with.