Most Played Champions of League of Legends

With 100’s of champions to choose from, it can be hard to know which one to participate in. While there are champions that you want to avoid and ones to play, we list the most played champions of League of Legends. To help those League of Legend players of all tiers, we take the top played champion in each major tier.


The God Tier – Are you a seasoned League of Legend player? Then this is the tier for champions. It is presently in its META stage. The most played champion in this tier is Fizz. It presently has a win rate of 54.6%, play rate of 3.41% and ban rate of 14.18%.


The A Tier – You haven’t mastered League of Legend to be a true champion or to make the God Tier; however, A-Tier is just as good. This is one level below the God Tier. The most played champion in A-Tier is Annie Mid, Build, Runes and Skills for Patch 9.23. This champion has a win rate of 56.45% and a ban rate of 0.25%


The B Tier – This tier is for those middle of the pack players. They haven’t quite mastered the levels, but they aren’t at the bottom either. For those looking for a tier that they can feel comfortable in, this is the best tier to join. For a champion to join, the most played champion is the Singed Top, with a win rate of 53.72%, play rate of 0.73% and a ban rate of 0.27%.


The C Tier – This tier is just one before the lowest tier. An ideal tier for those who aren’t the worst but who can hold their own, this is a good tier. The most commonly played champion in C Tier is Galio. This champion has a win rate of 51.6%, play rate of 0.66% and 0.25% ban rate.


The D Tier – This is the lowest of the low in our League of Legends tiers. This is ideal for those new and entry level players. Based on play rate and win rate, the most commonly played champion is Ornn. This champion has a win rate of 47.95% and a play rate of 1.05%.


Though these may be the top champions to play right now, any veteran League of Legends player knows that these can change at any moment. With every new patch released there are different pools of champions and tiers to measure up to.