Most Entertaining League of Legends Casters

League of Legends is a game known for its exciting team-based strategy gameplay. Watching competitors play the game can become confusing at times, and this is where a caster's role comes into play. The part of a caster is to commentate over the game being played. A caster's job is to both inform as well as entertain the viewers. They make the e-sport more engaging by doing so. Casters are divided into two categories, namely play-by-play casters and color casters. However, when it comes to casters, who are the most entertaining casters of the well-loved game?


Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles is one-half of one of the best duos to ever commentate over a League of Legends game. His understanding of the game, coupled with his knack for entertainment, make it extremely interesting to listen to him cast any game that is being played. His analysis is also fantastic, allowing viewers to gain a much better understanding of the events that transpire.


Leigh "Deman" Smith is a legend of the game. A former player turned caster, Deman brings enthusiasm and a level of expertise not seen by many casters. He is a joy to listen to, bringing life and entertainment to even some of the more slow-paced games in League of Legends. He definitely brings an entertainment factor, which not many other casters have the ability to bring to the table.


The final caster on this list is Eric "DoA" Lonnquist. He is regarded to be the best caster ever to do it. He is an international caster who has one of the most infectious personalities in the e-sports world. Along with his character, he possesses a natural ability for commentary, making any game he commentates on ten times more exciting to watch. Some have even said that he is so good that he could commentate an entire game by himself and still manage to keep the viewers entertained.


Having a good caster is crucial when it comes to games such as League of Legends. A poor caster can result in viewers losing interest, or even worse, being confused about what is going on. These casters are widely regarded to be some of the most entertaining in the business. Their commentary has you on the edge of your seat throughout entire matches and even screaming at your screen. It takes a special caster to have this effect on viewers, and this is one possessed by all of these individuals.