Meet Sigma, Blizzard’s New Overwatch Hero

Every Overwatch match isn’t complete without amazing heroes. Players dive to a great hero selection each season and guess what – Blizzard’s new Overwatch hero is here.

Have you thought about a hero that controls gravity?

Well, meet Sigma – the gravity bending scientist.

Blizzard’s Twitter account revealed the 31st hero and players are filled with excitement. The short video clip from the account shows a scientist who experiments with a black hole.

The experiment goes eerie when Sigma is unable to control the black hole. Thus, he’s hospitalized as a result.

But that’s where the cool stuff begins.

Yes, you’re right!

He’s able to develop a way how to harness anti-gravity powers. Then, players are shocked by the intriguing part of the video.

Players would have a glimpse of Sigma’s mind. Here, the scientist seems haunted by a melody and his equations. In the end, he’s able to join the criminal organization Talon where other famous Overwatch heroes are also part:

•    Moira

•    Sombra

•    Doomfist

•    Reaper

•    Widowmaker

Sigma sure has amazing skills and powers on his sleeve that players and heroes should watch out.

Must Be a Tank Hero

Since the video’s short, players have no idea about the moves and skills of Sigma. We can only assume that his part of the Tank class base on his bulky appearance.

Sigma doesn’t know the truth – he’s a lethal weapon. The idea sparks life and excitement to the Overwatch series. Every player is curious and excited about the skills and moves that Sigma can do.

But, one thing is sure – players are in for a big surprise when Blizzard reveals the skills and tactics of Sigma. He sure does offer a challenge for other heroes on the field.

But for now, all players are excited about the new Overwatch updates.

Have you heard about the Role Queue?

Players dream of choosing the role or class they want to be before starting tournaments and matches. This idea seems a fantasy at that time.

But, things in the Overwatch universe have surprises and changes. Besides Sigma, recent Overwatch updates bring Role Queue to the field.

So, what can players accomplish using this latest addition?

Well, players are free to select the class or role they want. But, that’s only the start of the awesome part.

Players would be consistent to play the class or role they prefer. What edge does it give you and your team?

Every player aims to win, and the best strategies to do it is by preventing any player from becoming the healer. With the Role Queue, you can prevent players on the field to take part in the “healing advantage.” That’s cool because it leads you close to victory in every Overwatch tournament that you compete.

For the other update, excitement for Overwatch players is awesome as they use the Overwatch Workshop. Here, players can create their custom games using a scripting editor.

These updates fill the excitement you always expect from Overwatch matches. Also, don’t forget that Sigma, the mad scientist, has secrets to fuel every player’s excitement. Future games would be fun!