Matchmaking Process in Hearthstone

Matchmaking is the process being used to determine parings in the game, Hearthstone. Each game mode has different matchmaking functions. It consists of Ranked Play mode at Legend rank, Casual Play mode, and non-cooperative Tavern Brawls which show the matchmaking rating (MMR) of each player for the specific gameplay. The Ranked Play mode determines the player’s rank. On the other hand, the Arena pairings indicate the win or loss stats of the player in the current game.

Take note that factors like deck, class, and play history don’t affect the matchmaking. Furthermore, the matchmaking value is the only record used for that process. As soon as the player joins the queue in the matchmaking, the system is responsible for finding another player with similar matchmaking value. That is the time that they can match with each other. On the other hand, if the system cannot find the perfect match, it needs to wait for a few seconds before it refreshes to try another search again.

Sometimes, the matchmaking system may fail to find a perfect match despite several attempts. In order to make the process successful, its parameters are extended to further check other match-ups. It will automatically do this method to keep the players from waiting too long. For the last attempt, players may need to be matched with opponents although they have a different rating, record, or rank.

Regarding MMR, it is a useful tool for the matchmaking process. However, this data is stored privately to prevent players from viewing it. Keep in mind that this internal rating system does not affect the play, instead, it is determined independently for different types of play.

After every match, the MMR is automatically adjusted and it is based on the results of the match as well as the individual MMR of players. Although MMR is not applicable to sub-Legend Ranked Play matches, it is still required that the data is recorded after the match. Also, the duration of the match does not affect the adjustments done on MMR.

The amount of MMR of your opponent also affects the amount of MMR you gained or lost. For the Casual Play mode, the MMR is automatically adjusted as soon as the player stumbled upon a win or lose streak. Furthermore, all MMRs in the Ranked Play mode should be reset when another Season begins. On the other hand, both Tavern Brawl MMR and Casual Play mode MMRs do not reset.