Mastering Your Skills in PUBG Mobile

PUBG or the Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds is also among the most popular online games in today’s digital world. Through the PUBG Mobile, you can enjoy the game on your iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. The PUBG Mobile game is challenging, so you need to master your skills to be the last man standing.

To make the best of your PUBG Mobile game, consider the following techniques:

Always Wear Your Helmet 

It is essential to always wear your helmet. If there’s damage to your helmet, you must replace it with a new one. You can prefer for level 2 helmet for better protection from Kar98K headshots.

Instead of Med Kits, Use Bandages If You Have Time

You can prefer for excess bandages aside from med kits when you’re not in a firefight. Although it takes more time to heal you, it is still useful when you need it the most.

Use the Third Person

If you use the third person, you will have a glimpse of your surroundings with no fear of exposing yourself. With a third-person camera, you can view around the trees and over the walls while you’re still in cover.

Use Stairs as Your Camping Spot

The stairs can be a good camping spot. Meanwhile, it is also a dangerous area for players who clear outbuilding. If you’re on the top of stairs, you can clearly see the enemies.

Watch Out for Breaching Stairs

If you attack players who hide in the building, you better watch out because they might sit on the top of the stairs.

Don’t Immediately Kill Downed Players  

Once you knock down an enemy, you must not immediately kill them. If they begin to crawl away, you can ask them for valuable information. Kill the player if he crawls behind cover.

Use Applicable Weapons to Your Situation

Take note that you must use weapons that are applicable to your situation. For example, you can use a shotgun or SMG if you’re inside a building. On the other hand, you can use an assault rifle when you’re in an outdoor area.

Never Use Your Vehicle as A Cover

You can be at risk if you use your vehicle as a cover. Your enemy can shoot your vehicle and damage it. It can explode, which can possibly kill your character.

With these tips, you can master your skills in PUBG Mobile. Meanwhile, you also need more patience to make the best of your game.