Map Control Tactics in Counter-Strike: GO

When playing Counterstrike: GO, players must make sure to guard their position. Some players, mostly beginners, are afraid to proactively pre-shoot due to the thinking that enemies will approach on their way. But you are playing to feel the challenge, right? Therefore, you have to learn when to aggressively attack and pre-shoot if you want to a great game. You are just creating a boredom in the group if you are always hesitant to trigger your enemies to fight.

If you get the strategies, there is no reason for you to be afraid. Furthermore, you have to start the round so the enemies will feel the intense action right at the start, and that will encourage them to be at their best performance. Just imagine if only some of you are doing the right tactics while the others are just waiting to get support from their teammates. It's unfair for the other members, and no one will ever want to play with you again.

Take note that map control is an essential aspect in the Counterstrike battle. It also has different play styles to offer. Aside from that, players have a plethora of options to control the area. Once you are familiar with the map, it will allow you to identify the right part where you can throw grenades. It will guide you to the place that you can attack or ways to defend your sites. Take a few minutes to analyze the turnarounds in the map and it will surely make your rounds seamless.

As soon as you master the rounds everywhere on the map, that is the time that you will develop and understand wallbanging. It is a great strategy for you to determine if there are enemies on the other side of the wall. In that way, you don’t have to go at the actual place, but instead, you can shoot by just staying on the same place where you are currently positioned. The bullets can penetrate in the wall, making the shooting look realistic.

The map control is one of the unique features of Counterstrike. You are not simply shooting at your enemy, but it also gives a realistic feel and experience just like you are in the actual scenario. If you are serious enough, try to watch videos that show how expert players shoot at the enemy without even seeing them at the other side of the wall.