League of Legends, Tips for New Gamers

Playing the best game for League of Legends requires skills and patience. Are you a new gamer of this popular game? Worry no more because this article will guide you. You can experience a high entertainment level with the game if you know the following tips:

Consistently Farm During the Game

As you get busy in the middle and later stages of the game, you might forget to farm minions. Make sure to farm between those activities since it is easy for your enemies to overpower your turrets if you don’t monitor a lane.

Plan About the Items That You’re Going to Purchase Before Starting the Game

If you’re a newbie on League of Legends, you must have an idea of the items that you’re going to purchase before starting the game. Additionally, you must also know the cost of the items.

Choose Your Favorite Character and Get A Guide for Them

There are various characters for League of Legends. So, you must be properly guided to build champions. You must be familiar with their positions and responsibilities. With that, you can be a successful player and enjoy a thrilling and entertaining game.

You Must Have Enough Time to Play A Full Game

Some matches of League of Legends can take 30 to 45 minutes. Sometimes, it can last more than an hour, so you must have enough time to play the full games. If you start the game, there’s no pausing, so you must be willing to spend the entire game duration. It is also necessary to get rid of possible distractions that can lead to critical errors.

If you have a schedule at work or school, you better not begin the game. Thus, leaving the game unfinished can reduce the chance of your teammates to win. It can also lead to penalties wherein you can wait for a specific period before you play the game again.

Stay in Touch with Your Team

You must communicate with your team to have more chances of winning. You can tell your team whether your enemy is missing from their lane.

Learn the Game’s Language

If you’re a beginner in League of Legends, you must know the game’s language. With this, you can save time and focus on being more competitive in your game. Some of these key terms include CS for Creep Score, Gank, short for “Gang Kill,” and more.

What are you waiting for? Start your journey with League of Legends now!