League of Legends Teleport Techniques

There are lots of players all over the world that play DOTA 2 wishing to enhance their levels, but unluckily, they are easily defeated by the elites as they are lack of techniques and tricks. Summoner spells are one popular technique used by elite players. However, many DOTA 2 players are not aware of the teleport spell. This is also one of the best but hard to master the technique; however, with the right guidance, you will get used to it and effectively kill and damage your enemies. 

In order to slay your enemies, it is important to lay down a ward in the uttermost bushes at the base or on the pinnacle lane of the map. If this technique is done successfully, you can teleport at the back of your opponent and become visible. All you have to do is to wait for the right moment to launch an attack and strike the enemy. This is one of the best and beneficial techniques. 

Nunu is extremely renowned in the world of League of Legends for having one of the powerful ultimate. Nunu has the power to swallow the entire team in its broad radius and blow them up into a million pieces. On the other hand, it is the most complicated ultimate to land in this online game as it comes with a long stationary channel which is interrupted quickly as well as easily stepped out. 

However, with the help of the technique called teleport spell, Nunu is able to instantly become a dreadful character. Sneak a ward right into the lane’s center to teleport after that and then wait for your opponent's solo mid steps in it. Once the opponents did, teleport and instantly hit him with ice blast for the slow effects, pop the ultimate, and see as the enemy blast with the help of your team. 

Teleport spell is indeed a perfect and useful technique at hot spot grouping like Baron, Dragon, as well as short distance in front of the core tower. It is vital to put the ward a bit in the front of the middle tower as if you teleport in and cast your ultimate while the opponents are assaulting your tower, they will be forced to move into the tower wherein your teammates are waiting.

There are lots of techniques being used in the LOL, but the teleport spell is the rarest one and will surely help you kill your enemies.