Is Rocket League the Future of Esport?

What makes Rocket League one of the sought-after online games these days is that it has a combination of flying, demolishing, and driving - naturally bringing heart-racing action and revolution. Many players ask: Is Rocket League the next big eSport?

What is Rocket League?

For beginners, Rocket League is a mixed racing/sports game in which the team’s duplicate soccer. There is a pitch, a ball, and two goals. Here, you determine how to embody yourself seamlessly. It may sound silly; players need to use cars for playing soccer. You should control these cars to run in the ball. This twist made the game highly popular both to seasoned and casual players. The cars ’you’re using choose the right speed and then angle itself to maneuver your challenger and score goals.

The Success of Rocket League

We want to say that Rocket ’League’s success is never an accident. It neither comes to its awesome graphics nor its huge budget. The ’game’s secret. Thanks to its perfectly planned game process with progressive developers. Psyonix always turns something into gold from streaming crazes to logical marketing strategies.

You may wonder why to opt for online soccer when you can watch real soccer. Well, the point that Rocket League offers something unique that FIFA doesn’t, and players would surely fall in love with as they play. The entire game looks completely different. Thinking that ’you’ll be replaced with cars already gives you some thrill.

So, is Rocket League poised to be the next hit in eSport?

Absolutely, YES.

In October of 2017, blogger Sam Welch wrote about whether Rocket League would have what it takes to be the future of esports, or it would only be like other standard digital games. He finished his forecast by telling that this game was the next popular thing. Sure, overnight results are impossible. It took a while for Rocket League to lead the online gaming world. In the end, Welch proved that his prediction was correct.

It all lies in the simplicity of the game...

Yes, the developers also made a massive contribution to the unparalleled success of Rocket League. However, it is also the ’game’s simplicity that made it highly popular across the world.

First, it is wildly accessible. Whether ’you’re using a mobile phone or laptop is not a problem. Just connect online and voila! The gameplay has some unknowns, no intricate economic metagame, and even no character abilities to master. Unlike League of Legends and Dota 2, you ’don’t necessarily need to have a share of experience to understand its gameplay and objectives.

Also, the Rocket League is visually appealing. There are different choices of team colors and aesthetics in every stadium. Being spectator-friendly means adding fun to your game. Fast by design, the match only lasts at a maximum of ten minutes, which include goal replay stoppage time.

So, ready to hit the arena? Rocket League stays true to be a fun-filled game with simple gameplay yet awesomely beautiful aesthetic designs.