Is NA Still A Major Region Or A Retiring Home?

The League of Legends is an online team-based game of strategy whereby two teams composed of five potent champions battle it out to try to destroy each other's base. The champions possess different skills and capabilities that players need to master to play the game well. Riot Games is the developer, publisher, and e-sport organizer of this epic game. The game has evolved into an e-sport.


The League of Legends World Championship  e-sporting event for professional League of Legends world Championship and a  competitive tournament is held annually. It is hosted by Riot Games and is a build of each season of the game. Venues for the tournament are rotated across the different countries and regions. It is a tournament followed and loved by many players of the online game.


League of Legends Regional Rankings


The League of Legends competitive tournaments is split into six regions: Europe, North America, Korea, Brazil, China, and Southeast Asia. China is leading as the strongest region in the League of Legends e-sport community.  Three of their teams rank in the top 10, with one of their teams taking the top position worldwide. China took the League's top place away from the long-standing great Korean dynasty that had held the top position for many years until 2018.

The League of Legends Champion Korea holds the number two sport with five international titles won in previous years.


The third position is held by Europe, known as the kings of the west. In 2018 they became runner ups in the tournament.


North America ranks fourth globally and has been the brunt of many internet jokes regarding not climbing the ranks of the League of Legends leaderboard. The jokes use League of Legend terminologies with whole websites devoted humor:


  • Why are Americans so bad at League of Legends?- Because they can't defend the towers (


  • Is NA Still A Major Region Or A Retiring Home?


Fifth is Vietnam did rise up the ranks and have been well-known for their extremely aggressive skill and tactics. They are organizing their player to play a more strategic game and always have surprises at the tournaments.


Asia Pacific (Hongkong, Taiwan, and Macao) holds the sixth position and shows great potential for future tournaments.


In the seventh position are Russia and CIS. They have surprised major regions in the past with surprise moves.


 Despite North America not having achieved the highest-ranking position, they hold a good fourth position, which shows their potential to move up the future ranks.