International Chances of C9 with Perkz

Everyone was surprised when Perkz went to C9 this year. G2 fans wanted him to stay in the G2 bot lane with Mikyx, but he had another plan. However, unlike what tends to happen in the LEC, this European player didn’t go to another LEC team after leaving G2. 


With C9 Nisqy going over to FNATIC, the C9 mid-lane was available for another professional player to occupy it. That player turned out to be Perkz. Since he played as an ADC for almost all his career, many people were doubtful when C9 announced this change. 


Fortunately, Perkz was the light this team needed to go back to its golden years. This player’s ability to dominate the mid-lane gave C9 a chance to go to Worlds after a year of missing it. Now the question of everyone is: Can C9 take the Worlds title with Perkz?


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What Makes Perkz Good?


If we want to know if Perkz can help C9 get a Worlds championship, we need to know what makes this player so good. There are many things that Perkz excels at, but it’s his experience as an ADC that makes him different from other mid lanners.


That’s because it allows him to play the game from a different perspective. While he has everything a mid-lanner needs to play at top levels of LoL, he also adds more innovative plays to the mix and tries to help his team as much as possible. 


The champions he plays can also be of help for him at times. He normally plays meta mid champions like assassins or control mages. 


However, he has other tricks to show us. Since he was an ADC, he knows how to play all marksmen in the game. That’s the reason he didn’t hesitate to use that kind of champion in the mid-lane. 


Perkz’s mid-Tristana absolutely destroys everyone in her path. The power of this champion allows Perkz to delete everyone who stands against him. That turned many games that were supposed to be difficult into easy matchups. 


Leaving aside Lucian, not all mid lanners are used to play against marksmen. Perkz came to change that. Yet, he has a long road to go through if he wants to become even better than before. No one should expect less than excellence from this player.


Can Perkz Win Worlds with C9?


C9 had a rough split last year. They couldn’t even make it to Worlds, which disappointed many of its fans. However, Perkz had what the team was looking for. Is it enough to win Worlds? It’s hard to say. 


This is an amazing team, but the LPL and LCK power tends to be far greater in international tournaments than the one displayed by American and European teams. Faker is back this year, and he is not a difficult opponent to play against. 


There are other players like him in the tournament. Showmaker, Doinb, Nisqy, Humanoid. All those are names of people Perkz has to beat to become a Worlds champion. 




Even if it’s one of the best teams in the world, C9 has a long road to go through if it wants to claim the championship. Perkz is a key part of doing that. He has to beat the best mid lanners in the world to achieve it. Can he do it? We hope to see it. 


Know what may happen by watching the World matches!