Increase your Rank in League of Legends NOW!

Are you having difficulties in increasing your rank in the game League of legends? Don’t worry because you are not alone. Other players are finding it hard to proceed to the next rank. Given that there are now stronger players emerging in a league of legends, you also must up your performance to increase your rank.

How? Simple, you must follow this guide to increase your rank in league of legends.

Before I tell you the secrets in increasing your rank lets, familiarize you first with the ranking system of the game. If you are a starting gamer, then you are placed in the lowest division, and that is the bronze V. To rank up you need to accumulate the right MMR points in the game.

How do you accumulate that MMR? That’s easy. You must win every rank game, thus increasing your rank. Work your way up until you get out of the bronze division and step into the silver division after the silver division is the gold then platinum until you reach the diamond division.

But you must understand that every time your rank increases your opponent’s gets tougher, too. So, you have to improve your performance to reach the highest division together with the other successful players that are already there.

To amp your performance, here are some few tips that you can use in your gaming:

Utilize Ward

You will have more chance of winning if you get rid of that enemy. Therefore, you need to know their position and movement. The best way of having visuals on their movement is by using wards. The wards increase your visual capability in-game, and you will be able to see enemy heroes in the area that you have planted the ward.

You can also prevent surprise attacks from the enemies because of your wards, increasing your rate of survivability. You must be strategic in planting those wards so you can expand your vision in the map.

Take a break

Winning every time can be proven impossible. There are chances that you are going to experience losses in the game. Learn to rest in the gaming world; if you are experiencing losing streak, then take a break. Don’t grind and play until you win, take a break, and reflect on how you can up your in-game strategy thus increasing your chances of winning.

Awareness of the Meta

Key roles are essential in the game of league of legends. Proper roles can help you win a game. Selecting the right champion or meta can be fruitful as meta champions can be your tool in winning the game. You must choose champions according to the present meta so that your winning rate is higher.

If you pick the hero where you are comfortable can be good for the team, but it can’t decide for the entirety of the game. Thus, you need to select the champion that is in accord with the meta and use it to your benefit to win the game.

These are some important aids or tips that you can use to increase your rank in league of legends. Always bear these tips in mind as this can help you get out of the tier that you are in.