Implementing a Defensive Mindset in Counterstrike

If you are confident enough to discover more tactics in Counterstrike, then you must keep reading! With simple steps, winning the battle in CS:GO doesn’t need to be complicated. It needs a little perseverance and right knowledge if you want to uplift the stats of the entire team. Keep in mind that not only the attackers are capable of helping the team win, but the defense characters, too. Prepare because the following steps are risky, yet will help you earn high rewards.

Stacking your teammates in a bomb site might be risky, but can be effective if you know how to do lit efficiently. As soon as the enemies are approaching to the bomb site, be very quick to gather your defenses so that they cannot pass through. You may have at least four to five players to position themselves and wait for the enemies to attack.

Take note the importance of proper positioning in the Counterstrike battle. Choose a spot where you can easily see your enemies coming. Be sure that you still hide so that they won’t easily notice you. As soon as you get a kill and hit the enemy successfully, make sure to change spots so that the other opponents won’t see where the attack is coming from. It will also control the remaining opponents to aim at your direction.

Another effective defense strategy is cross-fire positioning. You need two players to configure a crossfire. They should be positioned in a different spot so that the opponent won’t easily notice them. Position them at both sides so that when the enemy attack your teammate, the other player can shoot your opponent. That means that both should be a lookout to defend each other.

Using some surprising elements on the game can be helpful to destruct the attention of your enemies. Make use of the shotguns and other deadly weapons while running in the corners of the map. Position yourself closer to the enemies but make sure that they won’t notice you as you are approaching to their area. Then, with the help of your teammates, allow the opponents to pass through the crosshair and shoot them one by one.

Just keep these tips handy when you want to play a significant role in the team. Your teammates will thank you if you were able to implement these strategies efficiently. You may also suggest these strategies to the other members who want to take the responsibility to be in the defense role.