Hunter Class in Destiny 2, What You Need to Know

Hunters is a class in Destiny 2, which is indefinable. Do you want to know whether it is the best class for you? Then, the following ideas will help you. It is the only class that has a typical jump ability, triple jump, and double jump.

The hunter armor looks lightweight with signature cloaks making them look more distinctive. Although this class doesn’t heal or protect teammates, they have Shadowshot Super, which can weaken the affected enemies.

Hunters Ability

Dodge – You can double-tap the button to evade danger and roll out of the way. It can give an accompanying effect, which may depend on your choice between Gambler’s Dodge or Markman’s Dodge. In Gambler’s Dodge, you can recharge the melee ability as you dodge near the enemy. On the other hand, Markman’s Dodge can reload your handy weapon with slow-to-reload weapons such as machine guns.


Hunter’s supers include the following:

  • Arc: Arc Staff – Hunters can summon arc staff, which you can run around. It also has Whirlwind Guard ability that can block incoming fire while you’re moving.


  • Void: Shadowshot – It can tether nearby enemies, which can slow them and avoid using their abilities. They fire a bow and arrow that produces anchor. You can fire different arrows that can do damage when targeting your enemy.


  • Solar: Golden Gun – If you choose hunters as your class in Destiny 2, you can have a pistol that you can pull out to fire various high-damaged rounds even on long-range. You can choose the number of bullets. You can prefer Way of Thousand Cuts launch into the air and cause to fire out different explosive knives.

Hunters is a Destiny 2 class, which is stealthy creatures. They can sling sick fiery revolvers and set traps. With hunters, you can clear smaller enemies. You can also deal with the highest damage in the game with the Celestial Nighthawk exotic helmet and Gunslinger super.

Hunters can be your essential class to be a champion in your Destiny 2 gameplay. It can give you a superpower, which can beat your enemies. Meanwhile, if you’re going to choose a class in Destiny 2, you must also consider some factors such as their looks, exotics, and abilities. Their appearance makes them distinctive. You must also check the abilities that you can access for the game.

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