HS - Is Hearthstone Pay to Win?

Hearthstone is a unique online card game that uses the Warcraft series as its backdrop. It uses the same characters and components from the series and uses them in the card decks. The tie between both games has garnered many fans who enjoy playing both. While Hearthstone is intriguing, there is a small controversy that surrounds it that started from other gamers and their views on the game. Many think that to win the game, you have to buy in.

Selling Cards

Is Hearthstone truly pay to win? Part of the argument lies in the fact that the game sells actual cards for money. If you buy these Hearthstone cards, you can acquire a huge amount of power decks that can help you to win the game. Those who do not want to pay for cards or can’t afford to are easily run over by the players who have chosen to spend their money on the game.

There are ways to acquire cards for free, though. For those who don’t agree that Hearthstone is pay to win, they argue that it isn’t a necessity to fork over cash to advance in the games. In fact, some of the cards that you can get for free are needed to win and go on to the next expansion.

Earning Your Way

While this may be the case for some expansions, it still doesn’t help for the those that require specific hard-to-find cards that you really only see when you spend the money. Also, it does take a while to earn enough gold to get the good cards that you need to rank and move on.

Luck is not in your favor if you choose not to spend money when playing Hearthstone. While the creators tout that it is a free to play online card game, the real issue is how far can you advance without doing so. It’s obvious that the more money that is spent acquiring your deck of cards, the better off you are. It is far easier to rank in the game, and you don’t have to wait to earn enough gold to get a card you may or may not need to go on to  the next expansion.

Decide for yourself if it is worth it to pay for your cards. If you are a die-hard Hearthstone fan, it looks like paying to win may be your best bet.