HS - Hearthstone: What is Overkill?

Overkill is something that should be taken advantage of by all Hearthstone players. It is meant to give out extraordinary destruction when played. It is in the gamer’s best interest to use it when they can if they want to win! The chaos and rush to charge it creates can be quite stunning for either side. Overkill adds a complexity to Hearthstone that may be what is needed to keep its followers and also gain new fans. It’s quite amazing to watch.

Rastakhan’s Rumble

Overkill is triggered when you destroy a character or minion by giving out over the top damage through the use of a keyword. It depends on the card that is used, but you can also win bonuses from it. These vary according to circumstance. The use of Overkill was first seen in the expansion called Rastakhan’s Rumble. The keyword is intended to showcase the arena theme that is seen in this expansion.

In order to get Overkill, you need at minimum one point of excess damage to receive its effects. For example, if you have an attack weapon of a certain number and Overkill, you can kill a minion with less health to trigger it. Depending on the card and circumstance, it creates a positive fallout effect for the lucky user.

Specific Rules

It can only work when it is your turn and can’t be traded into it. So, pay attention to your cards as order is top priority. In Rastakhan’s Rumble, there are 14 cards that have this effect. You can see what they are through the Crafting page.

If you use these cards wisely, you are absolutely going to have a huge advantage over your opponent. It can end a game in your favor with just one use of it. It does take a while to fully grasp how and when to use it, as is seen on some of the Hearthstone community boards. It is hard to find impactful keywords, but it is amazing to see Overkill in action once you get the hand of it.

The use of Overkill is meant to add more layers to how you play the game rather than adding to the board. It is meant for you to use your smarts to come up with a new strategy to destroy and win. It’s rare to have this advantage, and when it crosses your path you need to take it.