How to Win at Rainbow Six Siege? Learn from the Experts!

Knowing how to point a gun and shoot is inadequate to win at the game Rainbow Six Siege. It is not only the fact that the terrain consistently moves around as new routes. Aside from adopting and executing a different set of skills, it is also crucial in learning various important tips towards a successful winning rate. Need some inspiration? Let's hear from the experts!

Watch Tutorials

Before getting started and trying your game-winning luck at Rainbow Six Siege, you must watch tutorials, especially if you're still new in this game. Tutorials give a quick overview of some of the game components. They can even provide you with an in-game currency to buy new attachments for weapons, operators, and in-game skins.

Lean On

In this popular game, leaning is also important as it enables players to look through corners while only revealing a little part of their head. Hence, making it complicated for your opponents to shoot at you.

Use Your Drones

Drones would be your essential tool all through the pre-planning stage. They tend to accumulate enemy intelligence - providing important information such as opponent operators and objective's location. This will give you a tremendous advantage in infiltrating the building. Just make sure your drones are hidden in a safe area, so it won't get noticed.

Custom Games

Any first-person shooter knows that in Rainbow Six Siege, map knowledge is a large piece of finding success. How to understand a map? Simply by making a local custom game. This enables your team to explore the map and try out various strategies without having to be troubled by other players. 

Do Not Spawn Peek

Friends do not allow friends to get spawn-peeked because it can break the thrill in a game. Instead, put and equip Mira, Doc, or a Smoke in prep stage at usual spawn peek areas.

Aim for a Steady and Slow Win

There's no need to rush. Otherwise, expect for a failed game (this mostly happens!) The allotted period is more than enough to take your time and consider the best strategy you can use. As long as possible, keep picking off enemies until you make a final rush.

Communication and Teamwork are Vital

Similar to many other competitive online games, Rainbow Six Siege requires solid communication and teamwork. A fast, precise, good call out makes a huge difference. You can get cross on the position of your opponent in a very accurate way.

Ask for Help

There is no shame in asking for help if you have a hard time absorbing all the gaming process in Rainbow Six Siege. After all, it has an extremely difficult learning curve. Either someone you know or a professional help would do. Your team will likely respond quickly if you let them know that you're new to this game.

We strongly recommend following these simple yet powerful tips. You'll eventually find yourself getting a lot better at Rainbow Six Siege.