How to stay alive in PUBG

PUBG is one of the most popular games today, with millions of players from all over the world playing this online game. However, like other online games out there, you need some techniques to keep alive and win the game. If you are searching for Battleground tips to keep alive, then you come to the right place. We will be giving you some of the rarest but effective PUBG tips and tricks.

Tips #1: Picking the right place to drop out of the plane is the first concern on PUBG runs, and there is no precise and right answer. This is because it depends on the things you do as well as where it goes. However, the west coastal part, particularly in between Georgopol and Primorks, is extremely quiet. There are no landmarks; there are no areas that are high loot that invites other gamers, as well as the hard road, can make cars a tricky choice. Therefore, many players keep away from it. On the other hand, if you are clever enough to land in this place, a huge number of structures mean you are able to find tools and weapons to stand a chance and stay away from issues long enough to be alive once situations get worse.

Tips #2: To keep alive, taking damage is not a good idea; however,  in the early game, it could be worthwhile. Once your hideout on the corner of the blue circle, you'll take slight damage; however, nobody will anticipate you to go there. With good healing options, you are able to keep there for a long time as well as keep away fights. You can also pick up a couple of kills on unsuspecting enemies. However, I always pay attention to your wellbeing as well as the next circle.

Tips #3: Structures normally good for keeping alive in PUBG, most particularly when you are able to cover the entrance, but they have lots of threats. A well-positioned grenade ends a run right away, and when someone finds you there, you will get ambushed at the exit. When you are searching for an ideal place to stay for a few minutes, try to look for a hill, dip, as well as ridge so your enemies will not be successful in firing at you.  This will give you a tough defend or cover and better sightlines compared to any building and, fatefully, many more choices for escaping.