How to Standout in Fortnite: Battle Royale

If you wonder how to achieve a victorious experience in Fortnite: Battle Royale, you’ve come in the right page! This free-to-play game where you have a lot of competitions in getting the winning spot. The biggest challenge is to kill each other in the battle until only one remains. Just like the other games, you will experience struggles in getting to the top. While some players rely on their luck, others would surely spend time and effort to ensure that they become the winner. So, instead of waiting for that luck to arrive, try your best by learning these tested and proven tricks!

Choose your landing zone since it is where the game starts. You are loaded in the Battle Bus and you need to jump on the landing zone that you need to select. The best thing to do is to pick an unpopulated area where you think players or only a few will think of choosing. Most of the time, many prefers areas with structures and large settlements, and it is not a good idea to crowd with them there.

Make sure to get a few weapons before you go straight to the safe zone. You can use it to protect you as the adventure begins. It is also essential a headphone so that you will hear a directional audio that will let you know if something is happening in a specific area. You may hear your enemies and gunshots all around. But of course, you shouldn’t mainly rely on the audio. You also have to use your other senses to keep yourself safe.

Make sure that your weapon is always ready whenever you hear a threat approaching you. Always prepare your hands to use them anytime. Be quick and never hesitate to respond to threats. Take note that each weapon has special features and they come in rarity types. Check the stars in the weapon you brought with you, and you will notice that they increase power. The power is indicated by the color green to blue until it becomes purple.

Look for the treasure chests located anywhere in the battle zone. As soon as you come to an object with shiny sound effect, come near it quickly and open it. You will see that is loaded with weapons that you can use as you move forward in the game. Whether you are going to fight the enemy players or you hide in some areas, these tools will help you in the fight until you gain power-ups.