How to Increase Your Behavior Score in Dota 2?

Playing Dota 2 requires you to be at your best behavior if you want to enjoy the game. Dota 2 ranks the behavior of players based on the reports and commends sent at the end of each online match. The ranking helps promote team play and discipline among online players.


Online games bring people together from different backgrounds. Some individuals prefer to abuse and insult their friends when playing while others play respectfully making the game more enjoyable. The behavior score in Dota 2 tries to regulate the prevalence of poor behavior during matches. The ranking systems rank the behavior and attitude of players during matches between 1-10,000. One is the lowest score you can receive while 10,000 is the highest score.


Importance of the Ranking Score


The ranking score helps the computer in assigning teammates during gameplay. People with high scores, such as 10,000, get teammates with a similar score. However, a player with a high rating can get a teammate with an extremely low score such as 6,000. However, the situation only happens when other members queued have very low scores.


Behavior score helps lessen the queuing time for players with high scores. Dota 2 prioritizes players with high scores when sourcing teammates for online matches. Individuals with lower scores queue for longer since they are identified as low priority.


Improving Behavior Score


There are several things that you can do to improve your behavior score




The best way to improve your score is by remaining silent through matches. Many people reduce their scores because of reports of unsupportive or abusive language. Remaining quiet reduces the chances of getting a report. You may find it easy to grow your score since you get 10 behavior points after each game. This is the best strategy that players use to rapidly improve their score.




Treating everyone in the game is fundamental if you want your score to grow. Respect means being polite to everyone when playing. Teammates love respectful partners that make playing easy. You can try this strategy if you don’t wish to remain silent during the game.


Positive Comments


Team players love encouragement during the match. You can try congratulating your teammates after a successful move, or encourage them when they mess up. Such team play brings a lot of commends from other team players. Furthermore, your input in the game is highly valued during the game although you don't have any leadership goal. Avoid complaining when any of your teammates miss a clear kill or shot. Positive comments bring the best out of everyone.


Be Fun


Games should be fun for everyone. Try being a fun person by promoting gameplay and rallying everyone during the match. Building such positive tension helps everyone enjoy playing the game with you. You receive commends from your teammates at the end of the game.


Overall, you have to understand that everyone is human and sometimes people have a rough day and blow steam by playing online games. Try treating everyone accordingly to boost your behavior score. Using the above tips can surely help you.