How to Get Better Air Rocket League

Air Rocket is a unique sports game that broke into the video game industry with an unconventional concept of using rocket cars to play soccer. The game gained rapid popularity as a result of its exceptional graphics and features.


You have probably tried out the game and enjoyed it pretty much. However, doing sick air turns and still maintaining your aim is perhaps difficult. Experience is a crucial factor that you lack before you can start performing tricks that leave your competitors in awe.


This article highlights three simple but effective ways that help you get better at Air Rocket League without using cheat codes or taking an eternity. You get better at the game in less than one month if you use these tips. 


Focus on Training


Training is a fundamental part of improving your gaming performance. You have to schedule daily or weekly play-time to practice. Playing ARL is similar to playing a musical instrument; practice helps you get better.


Your training doesn't have to be all night. Burning the midnight oil doesn't build your performance. Instead, you get fatigued and get worse when you play games against your friends.


If you have tried playing the game all night as a training strategy, you have probably experienced poor performance. Gaming all night is tiring, and you don't get enough sleep. When you play against your friend, your reaction is slower, and you make poor decisions. Winning at games requires your mind to be sharp and refreshed. Adequate sleep boosts your energy, decision-making process, and you perform better at games.


Schedule two to three hours of your day for practice. Choose times of the day when you are most alert, and your mind is active. You learn a lot and the training becomes more effective. Preferably, train in the morning after you wake since, you are most alert at this time.


Use Free-Play


Free-play is a concept that many professional gamers use. However, many regular players neglect the use of free-play as it seems easy. Using free-play allows you to develop your skills, and you understand the game better.


Bluntly put, you form a relationship with the rocket car. The link allows you to grow your performance since your brain understands how the game works. Free play also eliminates the pressure of playing against an opponent, giving you the best opportunity to gauge your skills.

Many players find that they develop a unique sense of style when they practice using free-play. You get a chance to try new tricks and improve your overall game concentration level.




Don't shy away from playing games against higher ranking players. You gain experience that enables you to perform crazy shots and flips. Playing against people who are better helps you learn through exposure. Preferably, play 1v1 matches that make you feel uncomfortable and challenged.


Later on, watch the replays of your games or get another ARL player to watch your replays and give you advice. You learn from your mistakes and customize your training when you go to free-play. Good luck with your training!