How to Boost (Frames Per Second) FPS in Dota 2

So, looking to increase your FPS in Dota 2? This is the right venue! 

Dota 2 has been gaining enormous fans across the globe. Both kids and adults, casual and veteran players take advantage of this hype to create their record. It is a multiplayer game that lures elements from competitive action, strategy game, and RPGs. Your objective is just simple: kill Al minions, abolish the outer defense of your enemies, siege their base, and attain power. While it is notably hard when compared to other games like League of Legends, players are guaranteed never to stop getting awed by its surprises.

Those who are fascinated by this game yet still have a difficult time increasing their FPS, here’s for you.

•    Update the Drivers

Make sure the graphics hardware of your computer has the newest graphics driver. Numerous graphics processor dealers release new, optimized graphics driver’s versions to make your games better. Especially for novice players, it is crucial to keep it updated for utmost gaming performance.

Still not certain what GPU your system has? Check through Windows 10. Right-click your taskbar and then open the Task Manager. Choose the Task Manager. If you perceive a small window, hit the button the More Details. Hit the Performance tab and search for GPU to see the type of GPU your computer contains.

For Windows 7, find the dxdiag tool to look for the GPU name of your system. Open by pressing Windows+R, key in “dxdiag” within the run box, and lastly click Enter. Hit the Display tab and in the Device section, look to the Name entry’s right.

•    Tweak Graphics Settings

Another easy way to boost your frames per second in the game is to reduce your graphical fidelity. It won’t look as beautiful, yes, but it is sure to operate more quickly and slickly. All games have their own graphics options.

Just open the Options menu and search for a category such as Video or Graphics. Either utilize preset or tweak individual settings. For instance, minimize the graphics settings of your game from High to Low or Medium. Doing so will improve your FPS.

Additionally, lower the display resolution of your game. It does make the image look crusty. However, your FPS will immediately boost. To do this, go to the Video options menu.

There are other tips you can apply to have a higher FPS level. You can also plug in the laptop while playing Dota 2. This is because Windows usually throttles the hardware of your system, making it slower to perform on battery power.

There you have it! These are just basic. But if you’re not confident enough to do it alone, you can seek help from someone to help you out. The importance of increasing FPS is more than just repairing fluidity issues in the game. A low FPS level could drive a player mad. So, ensure to apply any of these solutions and enjoy playing your all-time favorite video game Dota 2!