How Is World Of Warcraft Still So Popular?

World of Warcraft has been around for more than 15 years and has still remained extremely popular among players. This game has attracted a massive following from the moment that the first servers were launched and continue to attract even more support now. It’s undoubtedly the most popular and the greatest MMORPG in the world.


There is something very magical about the way Blizzard can retain old players and attract newer ones. World of Warcraft has stood the test of time. If you're wondering how the people at Blizzard have managed to sustain this success, we have researched far and wide to provide you with the exact reasons as to why World of Warcraft is still so popular.


Reason One: Everyone Can Play It


World of Warcraft is an incredibly welcoming platform that has beginner-friendly games. Now more than ever, this feature is more prevalent throughout the overall design of the game. The use of tutorials within the first few levels help guide the player and make it easier for the user to gain knowledge and understanding of the game. Instead of the alternative method that some games integrate, World of Warcraft doesn't resort to completely throwing the player into the deep end and hoping for the best. 


The content provided by Blizzard is exceptionally versatile, and there are lots of it which make it suitable in attracting a spectrum of individuals such as hardcore gamers, children, elderly, teenagers, and everything in-between. These individuals can dive into a game and find content that's tailored to their specific needs.


Reason Two: It’s Constantly Being Updated


World of Warcraft provides a never-ending game. The exploration prompted by the game never entirely ends and just as the old one starts to get boring, a new expansion arrives to save the day and keep the player's attention. Not only does Blizzard create brand new additions, but the developers also go back to previous locations and give it a makeover. Doing this gives players the ability to go back to an earlier location and re-live it in a completely different way. Added to this, World of Warcraft provides the user with up-to-date content by continually improving on game mechanics, graphics, and new material, which gives the game an overall fresh 'feel'.


Reason Three: Incentives Are Given To Players


The reason World of Warcraft can retain a massive amount of players is due to the systems that are implemented by Blizzard, that reward veterans. One of the most prominent rewards is the achievement system. This system is designed to slowly allow players to gather achievement points, which help boost their sense of accomplishment. Along with this, these points can be seen by other players in the game. The most accomplished players are featured on the World of Warcraft website.


Within these systems of achievement is the in-game titles that are assigned to players. This is in response to their performance in the game. These in-game titles are massive bragging rights in World of Warcraft and are an ingenious method to keep players coming back – they want to improve their in-game title.