How Can the New Stats Tab Help in LoL

Every year, we always have something to look forward to in the League of Legends. It is because the developers have been adamant to develop a more advanced, user-friendly, and feature-rich game for the LoL avid players. They made sure that you don’t only enjoy your gameplay, but they also see to it that the League of Legends is worthy of your time and attention. The improvements done consistently makes this game stands out.

Now, another feature has been brought to our attention and many gamers find it more exciting. They can now see the game stats organized in a tab. Here, developers were able to create a system that will give the players in-depth analysis about their performance in the game. By seeing the systematic stats clearly, you will know when it’s time for you to improve yourself by creating a better strategy to level up in the game.

For you to determine your performance, the new stats tab will tell you about the damage breakdowns and in-game skills. These areas are determined by the figures as well as the detailed analysis that summarizes your post-match performance. It is a brilliant idea because it will allow encourage the players create a definite goal that they need to accomplish.

Furthermore, seeing your performance in the game will also encourage you to do better each time you get in the battlefield. It will also challenge you to compare yourself to other players ahead of you. In that way, you will force yourself to compete with them seriously. The stats tab will also help you determine the area that you need to focus on.

It is also worth noting that the pre-season games will be recorded to encourage players to be on their full potential. The recording will start from the mid-season patch 8.12 to the present day. So, if you are a kind of player who takes pride in the world of League of Legends gameplay, you won’t let yourself be beaten by the other gamers.

We can’t wait to see a more challenging and intense game in the League of Legends as we welcome this new feature. Let's find out if you can beat your opponents or you are that player who is contented to be in the same spot that you have now. If you are ready for the new stats tab to commence, start by setting your goal right now!