Hearthstone: Tips for Beginners

Hearthstone is considered to be the best collectible turn-based card games on Windows, iOS, and Android. This excellent game is mainly based on the Warcraft franchise that is about a card game with the epic multiplayer. In 2018, the Blizzard have celebrated 100 million of players that joined the tavern of Hearthstone. Moreover, Hearthstone has chosen by many players to be the best mobile gaming as it can be downloaded on the different mobile devices like iOS and Android from its iTunes and Google Play pages.

Hearthstone brings players different game modes that they can play. The primary mode for multiplayer of the Hearthstone is the Ranked. In this mode, players will have challenges in climbing the ranking ladder of the Hearthstone. This rank has a total of 50. So, for players to get their ranks, here are some of the tips that they must keep in their minds:

  • Include the low mana cards for about seven or eight on the deck.

It is to make sure that players will not fall behind while they are on their early turns. Usually, including seven or eight low mana cards will ensure that players can use a few cards while they take their first three play on every match. However, when players include less than five mana cards on their deck, they will have a short option at the beginning of their match. This can enable their opponents to add three minions on its board before the player has played their single card of minion. It will only make the players have caught up on their playing.


  • Add cards that can pppterminate the opponent’s minion to the deck.

Cards that can quickly destroy a targeted specific minion can make a considerable value. The Hearthstone has many cards that players can use in destroying a targeted minion or reducing its health at least one. Players must consider those cards as a good one that they can have on their hand to immediately wipe out those high minions of mana. It is a must for players to only add cards that are useful and can help them in wiping out those minions that have more attack values.


This the list of some worthy cards that will help the players:

  1. Naturalize
  2. Assassinate
  3. Sheep
  4. Execute
  5. Shadow World
  6. Siphon Soul
  7. Hunter’s Mark
  8. Demonbolt
  9. Big Game Hunter


  • Disenchant the no-use cards.

Hearthstone does not provide tutorial-like other games. This means that Hearthstone does not tell the beginners that they can remove the Legendary, Rare, Common, and Epic cards that the players do not need in accumulating the Arcane Dust. Many players can disenchant 5 Arcane Dust cards, and they can craft new cards for at least 40 of Arcane Dust. On the My Collection, the players can click the button for crafting to craft or disenchant cards.

Most beginners of Hearthstone need to look further on the details of the game. This way, it can ensure them to reach their goals and achieve their rankings. If you are a beginner in playing the Hearthstone game, then you need to keep these tips and do not give up on your playing.