Hearthstone Heroes that Deserve a Try

If you wonder about the heroes with special powers in Hearthstone, then you’ve come in the right page. It is crucial to meet each of them so that you’ll know which of them can greatly help you when you are ready to battle!

Rexxar has one of the unique characteristics and qualities among the Hearthstone heroes. He loves music, which can bring his power to the next level. For this beast’s ears, there is no sweeter than the sound of his minions beating their prey. He has destructive buffs that can transform a silent minion into a terrifying killing beast. His beasts bring him the targets, and he won’t leave anything alive!

Uther Lightbringer, who is another hero we have been eyeing, is capable to buff or even heal you. He has a variety of reinforcements who can make him even stronger. Use him to weaken a minion regardless of its strength. His unlimited supply of Silver Hand enables him to recruit more minions to support him all the way.

If you have been dreaming to have Garrosh Hellscream, well, you have to know that you will never get wrong when you have him. He is one of the most formidable beasts equipped with war axes that he can use to bring bloodthirsty minions to the table. He is capable of dealing with tremendous damage regardless of how strong it is.

Malfurion Stormrage is not only a unique-looking beast, but he is the perfect choice when you need a versatile hero. Some of his spells bring dual effects to defeat the opponent. His minions can even transform into another shape to blend with the atmosphere. Use him and he’ll generate mana quickly or bring tremendous damage spells to his enemies.

Gul'dan is a demonic character that delivers a powerful damage. He has access to a plethora of demonic minions which can also help you establish card advantage for you to get on top of the game. His Hero Power is what you need when you want to become a destructible foe.

Of course, don’t forget Thrall as your hero! His deck consists of assorted buffs, healing spells, damage spells, and hard to beat minions that can turn your enemies’ world upside down. He has that surprising effect that can prevent the opponents from focusing in their strategies. Use all of these qualities if you want an advantage in the game.