Guide to Save the World in Fortnite

Today, we’re going to share a beginner guide for Fortnite: Save the World. That way, you can get going faster. It’s a bit overwhelming if you’re just starting out, so these tips should help!


1. Complete the Tutorial


Yes, the tutorial is boring. Still, it’s worth doing it. The questions help you make sure you’re progressing and unlocking the best features and abilities out there. Rushing into the game because you want to play with others could ultimately slow you down later.


2. Save Powerups and XP Boosts


In the beginning, you’re probably going to get few XP per game. You’re likely to see 10 percent of 5,000 XP at the start, but if you get two or three games under your belt, you may earn more than that. Wait until you’ve played a couple of them before going through your XP boosts.


Only give the teammate boosts to people who help you along the way. You’re going to find out later that the Storm Shield defenses aren’t that great. When people are nice enough to help, the best reciprocation is to activate that team XP boost.


3. Don’t Upgrade Weapons too Soon


Upgrading the weapon schematic makes it more powerful, but you need to have the right crafting ingredients to make it. Sometimes, you can’t find them until later, so you’re in a position now where the weapon is too powerful for your level. You can’t source the components to create it until you’re further along. A tip here is to upgrade a few weapons to slowly upgrade them while you progress.


4. Go Slow in Missions


Players get a bonus for completing their missions in less than two days. Even if you’re going slow, this target is easy to hit. Still, you get bonuses from spending extra time and doing it right. Take the time to find supplies and resources first to get rare and valuable ones.


5. Seek Treasure Chests


Treasure chests are useful because they contain valuable items, such as traps and weapons. Random treasure chests appear on every map. Once you find it, the other players miss out. Listen for the angelical aura sound when chests are nearby. They could be hidden in attics and basements. Tear down the walls when you hear the sound!


6. Test Hero Classes


Soldier is the best class for new gamers. It’s a strong one in the game, and it’s worth it to have this in the hero roster. Constructors build faster, and outlanders scavenge faster. Try out different ones to see what you like more.


7. Death Isn’t Permanent


Though death can cost durability, it isn’t permanent. Pick up a hero you like and build them up, even if they die.


8. Small Backpack


Inventory space in the Fortnite game is limited. Don’t have many versions of the same weapon. Recycle them by opening inventory and hitting that recycle button. You also get some resources doing that.


9. Spend Talent Tree Points


You can’t respect a talent tree. The decision you make then is with you for the game. There aren’t many options at the beginning, but things do branch out, and you can’t buy everything. Find out what type of hero you want to be and go for those.




We hope this guide to save the world in Fortnite has helped you. Take your time, do research, and you should have tons of fun.