Getting Started in League of Legends

Heads up MOBA game fans! Pretty sure you’re already familiar with League of Legends (LoL), one of the most successful free to play games. Starters may find the entire game a little complex or confusing. Worry not - we’re here to discuss everything you need to know about this multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game!

Here, the principle is just identical to most other MOBA games. There is a team of three to five players you can join. Then, you’ll choose a champion and fight out against another team. The objective is to push your way in your enemies’ base and defenses.

The Champions

You must be picky when choosing a champion as it has different abilities, weaknesses, strengths, and powers that affect other champions. The different kinds of champions are Mages, Fighters, Tanks, Supports, and Junglers. Boost your champions for quite high chances of winning the game. Purchase items all through the competition so that you get to modify your champion further and boost up the areas (e.g., speed or attack).

League of Legends is not only free to play but also lends some amount of generosity. It gives a rotating selection of free ten champions every week. Trying out new strategies and fresh characters is exciting. Cosmetic skins are another advantage you can have, though you need to lend some penny. They are quite costly but have a lot of details with exclusive animations and spell effects.

For better coordination among teams, the built-in voice chat is usually recommended. Communication thru text is also possible (although frequently goes unnoticed) and thru alerts to assist you or designate danger. Win or lose, you might also want to earn Influence Points (IP) and experience to unlock and customize champions.

You can use the IP for buying Runes to improve the stats of your champions. Likewise, unlocking Masteries allows you to spend on bonuses from utility trees, defensive, and offensive. You earn experience to level up by assisting or killing enemy champions or being close once your hordes kill the neutral monsters or enemy minions.

Two Most Awesomely Powerful, Yet Underrated Characters in LoL

League of Legends is packed with many powerful characters used many times in digital matches. However, what many players do not realize is that other awesomely powerful characters deserve attention. We are talking about Janna and Blitzcrank!

Janna is not a stranger when it comes to high-level competitions. Though, she seems to be seen less and less today in online matchmaking. An instrumental support champion, Janna is a master of several trades roughly pushing, protecting, farming, and interrupting.

On the other hand, Blitzcrank is a huge metal beast. Thanks to its overdrive skill and power first, this character can parcel out and interject serious damage. He is also an excellent minion farmer as well as features a grab rocket skill.

League of Legends is for everyone who wants to practice good teamwork with a set of game skills to fire up the entire game.