FPX vs EDG Upset in the LPL

The 2021 LPL Summer Finals finally happened, and it was a total banger. This series was exciting from its beginning to the very end. FPX and EDG are both excellent teams with individual advantages that the other doesn’t have. However, only one team can win the series. 


That team was EDG. This team beat the odds and opinions of experts who thought FPX was going to have an easy win. After having a thrilling best of five, the results were 3-1 in favor of EDG. How did they do it, though? Beating a team like FPX is not easy at all. 


You have to remember that Doinb, which is one of the best players in the world right now, is the FPX mid lanner. Regardless of that, EDG still managed to do the trick. 


Here is a rundown of the four games. Keep reading this page to know how everything happened!


Game One


In bests of five, game one tends to be a way for both teams to determine the other one’s strategy and how to counter it. However, this game was exciting from the second it started. You could say the EDG’s JG, JieJie, was crucial to determine this victory. 


His early ganks left Doinb out of the game until it was too late. He also managed to give the EDG’s top lanner a slight advantage over its rival. The mid-game was a little complicated for EDG, but it still managed to win. 


Game Two 


Game two was even more one-sided than the previous one. Scout, the EDG’s mid lanner, was absurdly fed. He one shot everything in his path, which lead his team to victory. JieJie was also a proactive JG in this game, which gave Scout the advantage he needed to surpass Doinb. 


The bot lane also started getting better here. Viper is known for not dying many times. He gave a whole class on how to survive as an ADC. Apart from that, he still deals tons of damage per minute. The support role also did a great job to help him sustain all he could during the lane phase. 


Game Three


This is when things got more difficult for EDG Gaming. It had the upper hand almost all game. However, FPX had more dragons than it, which slowly allowed it to scale and win more team fights. However, EDG had an advantage until the last part of the match. 


Doinb’s Galio was perfect to apply enough chain CC to keep the other team’s carries under control. A good team fight was enough for FPX to destroy the enemy team nexus.