Fortnite: Is it Worth the Hype?

Are you searching for new games to improve your life and gaming experiences? Do you want something new and exciting? How about a game that can give you chills and adrenaline rush?

This game was released officially on the 17th day of July 2017 and provided the gamers and enthusiasts with a promising and amazing game to play. It was developed and created by Epic Games- one of the best and well-known producers of outstanding games that continues to make lives way better and exciting.

Adventure and action are the main genres of this game which gives the players chill and much more determination to complete it. It includes ghosts, vampires, adventure, underdogs, monsters, and misfits.

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a game that is worth the pain, time, and money for it provide high quality and effective gaming experience. This game had been one of the most acquired and discussed game not only on the online platforms but also even in the internet cafes and shops across the world. It accommodates any age of the players with its fantasy and tactical inspiration.

The only question left in the minds of the aspiring and interested players is, is it worth the hype?

Fortnite: Battle Royale ensures quality and effective gaming experience through its gameplay, features, and so many more.


This game takes the spotlight when it comes to the gameplay. It has something to showcase that will be loved by the players across the world. It tackles a team played by the players that were sent off a remote island first by jumping. Here, the players together with their characters must fight against the enemies. They are required to provide their very best and effort just to bring the enemies down. Strategies and techniques must be done to make it look more pleasing and bolder.

Also, loads of guns and other deadly weapons are being provided by the game that can be used by the players. This game is truly one of a kind. It reached millions of purchases which involves mostly the teenagers around the world as the most active customers.


This game is available at the App Store for an affordable price of $59.99. Millions of players had already purchased and installed this game. Fortnite has a lot of similarities to PUBG which is also a shooting game. One of those is the mechanics and idea of the game. The setting and gameplay are also included. But above all of that, Fortnite still provides its uniqueness in its way.



When talking about the graphics of the game, Fortnite has quality one. Excellent and exceptional graphics are being provided by the game to satisfy the players. The graphics are installed and applied to the game properly without only a little or invisible flaw. The graphics are made with excellence for it expresses the place or scene clearly without causing any interruption in the game.


1.    Excellent controls

2.    Has PUBG 3 as its alternative

3.    Timely updates and alerts to keep the players active and updated

4.    Free to play game mode of Battle Royale

5.    Matchmaking is fast


1.    Shooting mechanics are inadequate

2.    After some matches, it can be tiring to gather resources and do traversal of the map.

Fortnite: Battle Royale deserves a spot on your gaming world. This game provides effective and quality experiences that are worth the hype and time of the players.