Fortnite - Is Bullying an Issue in Fortnite?

Fortnite has always been a fun game. It is played by older and younger gamers alike, and everyone gets a chance to experience all that the online platform has to offer. Unfortunately, since it is open to anyone to play, you are bound to run into bullying of some form. Especially for the younger set, online bullies can really affect your view on the game.

A Fun Game

Fortnite is a lighter version of some of the killing games you see out today. The characters are cartoonish, and deaths aren’t designed to be gory. You can play with friends and use your creativity to build characters and their skins and the worlds they live in. The game is concretely built on fun and fantasy. This appeals to a lot of gamers looking for something not so extreme. It seems safe enough for the pre-teen set.

Fortnite is Exposed

Playing online does make you vulnerable to this type of negative behavior. There are some who use the advantage of anonymity to run amok and harass players simply because they can. Usually, these types of bullies don’t care if they are targeting a child or an adult. Whoever crosses their path is subject to their wrath.

Furthermore, since a lot of gamers use headphones to play the game, bullying is often hidden and confined to just the targeted player’s ears. It has become part of the gaming culture, no matter if it is welcome or not. Unfortunately, there is no stopping the bullies from coming, but there are some steps that Fortnite creators and fans can take to quell the storm.

Making a Safe Space

Creators of the game want Fortnite to be a safe space for all, including kids. They have a code of conduct users have to follow and encourage fans to report any abuse or bullying they encounter. Some of these violations include verbal abuse, targeting or harassing specific players, and deliberately breaking game rules.

Fortnite has seen an uptick of bullying since it first came out, and there have been efforts to stop it in its tracks. Fortnite’s creators take cyberbullying seriously and have implemented swift action if it warrants it. This can include complete suspension or banning of the game and even legal action if severe enough. As a gamer, you should always report bullies when you spot one. It helps make for a better experience for everyone.