Fortnite In-Game Events

Call of Duty has Prop Hunt, Hardpoint Mode, New BR Class Event, Holiday Draw, Winter Raid Map, Holiday Spree, Zombies party at the Circus, and Snipers Only Mode.

In Destiny 2, there are two popular events. The first one is to defeat an enemy Walker while the second one is to prevent an opponent from reaching checkpoints.

Fortnite is no exception. In fact, there have been iconic and memorable in-game events in the battle royale. Here are some of our favorite picks:

Marshmello Concert - The top-ranked in-game event is probably the Marshmello Concert. There was a popular DJ who hosted the concert in Pleasant Park for all players from different corners of the world to enjoy. Research indicated that there were approximately 10.7 million concurrent players at the concert, making the in-game event the biggest day the battle royale has ever had.

Rocket Launch - What’s the most unforgettable in-game Fortnite event in season 4? Perhaps, it’s the Rocket Launch because players had the opportunity to witness it live. After being hyped up for days, the rocket was found in the Villain’s Lair in Snobby Shores. Then, the visitor finally activated and launched it straight into the sky.

Butterfly Event - At the latter part of season 6, Kevin the Cube settled into the Loot Lake. Then, it started to melt, turning the water purple. When the Cube was empty, it spans and emitted white light, which transported players into a mysterious place. While all players were floating, they were coming into contact with butterflies.

Volcano Eruption - The volcano eruption is another in-game Fortnite event that destroyed the Retail Row, Tilted Towers, and other iconic locations on the map. While the volcano erupted, other involved players had the opportunity to vote and bring back the Drum Gun into the battle royale.

Ice Storm Event - During the season 7, Fortnite players witnessed the Ice Storm event and the ice sphere. After a few minutes of floating in the air, the ice sphere burst open to reveal the Ice King. The Ice King covered the entire map with snow, adding a visual dynamic to popular locations.

Other in-game events include The Blast-Off Event, The Meteor Event, The Cube Event, and The Unvaulting Event.

It’s also good to know that the battle royale has been a subject of constant development and innovation. In the upcoming seasons, let’s expect for other surprising events.