Fortnite: Battle Royale Gameplay

It was launched in the year 2017, this game became the biggest title in the growing battle genre and the hottest game in the world. The developer had spun it out into a separate concept for free to play battle in a PC, play station 4 and Xbox one. It has its record breaking 3.4 million players across all platforms. Just like other platforms, this game is very competitive between 100 players and has to fight to survive in the battle field.

In 2018 Fortnite Battle Royal surpassed battle grounds in revenue, which is on a positive side it has become a free to play business model and cross platforms support, as well as easy to access to casual game players. With the success of battle grounds royale genre expanded greatly, it was acknowledged the impact of the growing genre into their future plans.


It is the premium currency of Fortnite which is used to buy cosmetic items. As mentioned, these cosmetics items include the skin, dances, glider skin and pickas skins. Offers in the shop change day by day, so I would suggest to check it out from time to time so you would be able to find what are you looking for. One V-buck is equal to one penny, and the least you can buy is 500 which is listed to $5.00.

If you are Battle royal player you would actually observe that they buy their costumes just like the other games you could change it from time to time. Sometimes you could earn these costumes or skins buy passing a complete challenge or some what we call it incentive for winning the challenge.


Fortnite battle royal follows its standard format, this game normally played either with each player on their own, or it can either be a squad or with up 100 payers. This game starts with players with no weapons and deploying glider in land. You can deploy by either in Islands, towns but it has several lay outs. Randomly, weapons can be found in sites, buildings or sometimes in ghost towns. The main goal of this game is to keep one player alive at the end of the game.


From the time that this game became popular rapid growth and success of the battle genre has been attributed to several factors which includes the way all players start in the same prone and eliminating any essential players and being well suited in the game play.