Fortnite Battle Royal


You can play an online game through the internet and computer network. Online games are very common today, and online games are existing everywhere, especially in the computer shop and mobile phone. Online games were designed in a different style, but mostly online games were designed in the environment. If you observe the different online games, you will observe that there are online games that are similar to each other.

Epic games developed many games, one of which is Fortnite. Fortnite is also an online game that is common today. Fortnite is a shooter survival game that consists of four players to fight like there is enemy. The players have the right to choose their battle hero that will be used in a shooter survival game. At the end of the game the 4 players would have a reward, a game item, characters, and other equipment that you need.  This game is considered as Player vs. Environment. This game is composed of 4 players, and then you need to fight with the monsters live in a specific environment. When you are playing this kind of game you need to grab the role of a commander then you need to protect your base and statue.

There is a map that will guide you along with your enemies. In this game, you have the freedom to create everything and anything that you want in the land. The Pickaxe is an equipment used by the players to knock down, destroy, and break the existing structures, bases, and torrents of your enemies. You should fight over it until you destroy the base after you destroy those statues, and base you will not be defeated at the end. The equipment there in Fortnite has different classification, and durability and that equipment will be updated from time to time by the system or by the one who developed this game, which is Fortnite.

Fortnite is a save the world game and a survival game played by 4 members or players. You can run from your enemies, and with the help of the equipment, specifically the boots this will help you to run over your enemies. The 4 players have the right to design whatever the design they really wanted most, especially in their fortifications. You need to protect yourself as well as your ally. This game (Fortnite) started and began when Epic games created this kind of online video games.