Fortnite - Are There Bots in Fortnite?

Technology has certainly made our world an easier and more entertaining place to live. We can even see how much it has affected the world of gaming. Graphics and imagery in today’s games is spectacular. Not only that, but we can now even play a game like Fortnite with anyone in the world. Although these may be spectacular feats, that doesn’t mean there aren’t faults due to this technology. In Fortnite, one of these weaknesses are found in bots.

What Are Bots?

A bot is an independently run program that is found on a platform and is intended to interact with users, or in Fortnite’s case, other gamers. They are designed to operate as if a human is making moves for them, just like players do.

Bots have always been viewed as negative in most situations. Many believe it takes away from the gaming experience. You don’t know if you are fighting a true character or a robotic one. When you get a kill or advance in a game, is it truly deserved? With bots, it makes it difficult to come out clean.

Using Bots in Fortnite

Surprisingly, Fortnite has taken the bots and run with them straight into their game. They have intentionally decided to use bots in its newest version of the game, Fortnite Chapter 2. When the game first launched, gamers soon discovered Fortnite created bot lobbies. Everyone who had the game was placed in one, and the battle royale that followed ended up with a win for everyone.

Fortnite all but confirmed what was already discovered in a social media post. Now, Fortnite players are not going to know if they kill a bot or an actual player. It diminishes the thrill of the game for a lot of these fans. Some are claiming that Chapter 2 is a lot easier than previous Fortnite versions because of these hidden bots. Once you identify one, they are easy to destroy.

It’s still early to tell if bots are a good thing for Fortnite. It definitely does take some getting used to, especially when there is such a large amount of them. Some players have been banding together to spot and kill these bots in mass numbers to get the game back to basics. However, Fortnite creators can easily deploy more if their numbers lower. Your best bet? Give it some time before you swear of these bots for good.