Exciting Locations in Fortnite

Choosing the location in Fortnite is one of the high reward or risk choice when players have launched from a battle bus. It is recommended that the beginner must avoid named and built-up areas as it the areas where most players go.

Here are the premier and best locations in Fortnite:

Lazy Links

This is a luxury resort that comes with the different golf courses as well as buggies in driving around.

Fatal Fields

This location can bring players with amazing lots and brig barns to loot. It is land near the hills to have a better view of other players.

Flush Factory

The challenging place for many players to land. It comes with a relative lack in the distance and loots on its center.

Greasy Groove

This location has a good loot and residential part on the flavored map of every fast food.

Lonely Lodge

In here, there are different good loots and fairly quiet option since most players choose the Retail Row nearby.

Paradise Palms

This location features of Fortnite is the answer to the Epic Miramar of the PUBG. This comes in the desert biome center at the southeast corner of the map.

Pleasant Park

Most payers can land to this location with many rooves, and they can use their pickaxe in smashing the way, so they easily get to the loot.

Retail Row

If you are a player who wants to loot in a building, this is the perfect option for you. This location has many buildings. However, this is prior to getting the lickety-split of the decent shotgun. Then it comes useful within the close-quarters zone.

Wailing Woods

This loot is a little quiet scare rather than in any primary areas of the forested zone. Fortunately, there are various spots that players can use to hide.

Dusty Divot

This location is recently growing after the meteor shower of Season 4 gave it devastation. If you are a beginner on playing Fortnite, then you must look at this location as the busy spot.

Salty Springs

This location holds different surprising chest spawns and weapons. Most players tend to land here due to its tilted stragglers.

Tomato Temple

There are no loads here on the previous incarnation of the township. Today it has the greater grand temple to offer along with the high opportunities and effective main temple for a long-range of skill combatants.

Lucky Landing

This area is medium-sized and beautifully vibrant. It also has bright flowering trees as well as great sky lanterns. The players can find lots of scattered loot here.

Junk Junction

This is a scrapyard area that has few chances to loot and has a northwest, remote location that can put the disadvantages to some players.

Haunted Hills

Some players just overlooked this area however beginners must choose to land on this location.

Snobby Shores

This high loot has burb packs that are both attractive and charming. Players must be ready in packing their pickaxe then run when the storm's eye moves on the map's other side.