Everything About the TFT Galaxies World Championship

Teamfight Tactics players were finally able to show their professional skills in a worldwide championship! Currently, there are many online games that have made their way into the eSports world with exciting championships that are broadcasted to everyone.


However, thanks to Riot’s huge effort to bring Teamfight Tactics to the competitive world, the Galaxies Championship was created. This championship was first announced a few months ago, and people were excited to see how professional TFT players from all around the world would compete for the first place.


When Did the Championship Take Place?


The TFT Galaxies World Championship 2020 took place between September 3rd and September 4th. The event was broadcasted online, so every person who wanted to see the event could just tune in and watch.


How Did the Championship Work?


This championship featured the top 16 players from the following countries: China, South Korea, North America, Europe, Latin America, and Brazil. Many people stated that the player pool was too small for TFT, but since it’s the first edition of the tournament, it’s reasonable that Riot would want to keep everything safe.


When the qualification process started, each region could get from one to three finalists to go to the world championship. Each region had a unique qualification process taking into account the ladder and tournament play.


The 16 players who went into the world championship competed in two lobbies and five rounds each. Each player would receive a certain amount of points depending on their final position in the lobby. The four best players from both lobbies moved into the “final” lobby, where they competed for the final prize.


The eight final players were the following ones:


  • France – KC Double61 and Voltariux
  • Japan – Shoemaker
  • China – Alphago and Juanzi
  • Brazil – Itz Slooper
  • South Korea – Bobae
  • Denmark – Lev D Trotskij


While this event was supposed to have a venue for the players, the COVID-19 pandemic made things complicated due to travel restrictions in some regions. To maintain security and safety measures, every player competed remotely from their home.


What Were the Final Results?


The terms for winning were simple: The first player to get to 18 points in the final lobby would win. The player that achieved this score was KC Double61. This made him the first-ever TFT World Champion! KC Double61 earned a total of $40,000 from the total prize pool as a reward for getting to first place.


While the remaining seven players lost, they still got rewarded with a portion of the prize pool.


What Was the Prize Pool?


The TFT Galaxies World Championship 2020 featured a prize pool of $200,000 that was distributed among the final eight players.




There were some hiccups in the organization process due to the pandemic, but that didn’t stop Riot from hosting a fantastic event that many people worldwide could see. Since the championship was a success, it’s highly likely that Riot is going to organize more TFT world championships over the following years.


The TFT player base is becoming bigger and bigger each year, so it’s fantastic that Riot is giving those professional players a place where they can showcase their hard-earned skills and strategies in epic matches. Riot is going in the right direction, and it’s exciting to see what other things they have in store for players.