DOTA 2: Tips for Beginners

Most new players see DOTA 2 as one of the extremely daunting games. They see lots of items, many different hero pools, and sometimes heard from the toxic community and quickly put the game off.

Some beginners see themselves as one who will not make progress on their gaming. However, it is not.  Just like in other games and as a beginner, you tend to achieve more knowledge of the game. It is not only an easy game that you can already make progress. It takes time to learn, and it takes time to be a pro. The new player must not immediately stop playing Dota 2. Instead, they should learn and search for more about Dota 2. Here are the tips for beginners to play DOTA 2:

  1. Learn to Listen

There are pro players in DOTA 2 that will surely help you. They are the players who spend most of their time playing this game and also get frustrated sometimes when they do not win. This kind of situation can happen to every player. Remember that it is a game, so there are times that you will win or lose.


When you choose to play in an online game you must carefully listen; ask other players some questions or advice, keep in mind their suggestions, then slowly start in getting the basics in having engagement with other teams or people online.


  1. Pick An Easy Hero

DOTA 2 has more than 100 heroes, and some heroes are not friendly to beginners. Maybe new players will be thought that the unique sexy hair of Invoker means he is a perfect hero, yet he is not. Some beginners may think that the flying ghouls of Visage look like the thing on their favorite book, yet they are not. There are few heroes in the game that comes with the more skill cap. This allows players to be their best in showcasing their abilities on every competitive game

The new players must avoid heroes such as the plague. They will get frustrated and makes them scream a lot. Their parents may think that you have gotten into something. Beginners should choose an easy hero, such as Lich. He is the hero who got high speed in every movement, comes with, abilities that can help players or teammates and has few high skills of damage. These features of Lich are just some help for beginners.


  1. The Fog Is Your Friend

When players got into DOTA 2's match, then they will see in the war a full load of the fog above the map. It makes the map's other side and more in the middle to be obscure, including the large portion on the side of the beginner.


This fog became a friend for beginners as it can help them to be invisible to another enemy team. The new players must know that they might see by their opponent so it is must to avoid areas that new player will easily find by the opponents. Moreover, beginners have to find ways of revealing the war's fog on the side of their enemy. It allows them to kill the enemies who do not even expect it instantly.