Dota 2 Roster Changes

The Post-2021 DPC roster changes for season one have begun, and both teams (Upper and
Lower Division) are altering their squads right now. New teams are emerging as free agents
gear up for the second season of DPC in hopes of qualifying for the TI10.
Roster changes usually get into full swing after the Valve event. That way, players and teams
can assess their options before they get to the Valve league. Here is a listing of the major Dota 2
roster changes in 2021 so far:
Southeast Asia
The TNC Predator
Kpii, Offlaner, and Febby (the support/captain) were all released from their squad on March 3.
Sign Bok and Boomy are going to finalize the All-Filipino Dota 2 Roster.
The updated roster for TNC Predator includes:
1. Marvin (Boomy) Rushton
2. Timothy John (Tims) Randrup
3. Jun (BOK) Kanehara
4. Armel Paul (Armel) Tabios
5. Kim (Gabbi) Villafuerte
On March 3, JaCkky left the group.
23savage replaced him and got signed in on March 4.
The updated roster for T1 includes:
1. Matthew (Whitemon) Filemon
2. Kenny (Xepher) Deo
3. Carlo (Kuku) Palad
4. Karl (Karl) Jayme
5. Nuengnara (23savage) Teeramahanon

On February 28, Nando joined to be the offlaner while Palos left Vice Esports as the carry player
to join Execration. Yowe, the former carry on is now the mid lane role. Both Nando and Palos
replaced others on the team.
The updated roster for Execration includes:
1. Ralph Richard (RR) Penano
2. Don Carlo (BDz) Manalo
3. Fernando (Nando) Mendoza
4. Yuri Dave (Yowe) Pacana
5. Jinn Marrey (Palos) Lamatao
BOOM Esports
Drew, the carry player, departed from the team on March 4.
The updated roster for BOOM Esports includes:
1. TBD
2. Alfi (Khezcute) Nelphyana
3. Saieful (Fbz) Ilham
4. Rafli Fathur (Mikoto) Rahman
5. Brizio Adi (Hyde) Putra
Omega Esports
Bok and Boomy departed from the lineup for Omega Esports.
The updated roster for Omega Esports includes:
1. Bryle (cml) Alviso
2. Mc Nicholson (Mac) Villanueva
3. Justine Ryan Evangelista (aka Tino) Grimaldo
4. TBD
5. TBD
Tobi, the offlaner, left the team on February 25.
The updated roster for includes:

1. Melchior (Seleri) Hillenkamp
2. Adam (Aramis) Moroz
3. Miroslav (BOOM) Bican
4. Indji (Shad) Lub
5. TBD
CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)
Prosti Elsi
This team features some of the Gambit-2 team (disbanded), with 9pasha returning on March 2.
The updated roster for Prosti Elsi includes:
1. Albert (eine) Garaev
2. Danil (Illusion) Grzhevka
3. Pavel (9pasha) Khvastunov
4. Arten (Lorenof) Melnick
5. Nikita (Daxak) Kuzmin
North America
Sadboys (Pentace)
Sadboys renamed themselves Pentace. The midlaner, ppd, support-captain, and dnm all left the
team on March 3.
The updated roster for Sadboys (Pentace) includes:
1. David (Moo) Hull
2. Zakari William Lee (Zfreek) Freedman
3. Jingjun (Sneyking) Wu
4. Eric (Ryoya) Dong
5. Clinton (Fear) Loomis
Midlaner, support, shoe, and RRL all left the team on either Feb. 27 or 28.
The updated roster for 5ManMidas includes:
1. Phuc (Lordboonz) Nguyen
2. Soh (aikster) Aik Yang
3. Steven (Monster) Noel

4. Jose Esau Perez (aka esK) Coronel
5. Zehua (Lies) Wang
These are the top Dota 2 roster changes to be aware of for the second season, which starts
April 13.