Dota 2 Items: What to Know

For those who enjoy playing online as part of a team or collective unit, Dota 2 is the game to play. Since becoming available to players in 2013, Dota 2 has grown in popularity as a strategy and wit game. 


In Dota 2, asides from leveling up one's players, there are the 115 items that players both collect and scavenge for. 


What are Dota Items?


Dota items can be purchased or found within the game and are used to enhance and equip a player. Some items can be bought within shops located on the game map. Only certain items are available to certain level players. 


Items can also be combined to create a super item too.


Types of Dota Items


In Dota 2, there are two categories of items that can fall under, basic or upgrades. Basic items include consumables, attributes, equipment, miscellaneous, and secrets. In upgrades, there are accessories, support, magic, armor, weapons, and artifacts. 


Depending on your goal and why you seek an item, you would make a purchase according to your needs.


Though there are two classifications of Dota items, some players can opt for neutral items. 


What Are Neutral Items? 


Neutral items are available to any player, regardless of rank or character, whereas some are tier and character specific. 


Some examples of neutral items include the broom handle, the Royal Jelly, and the trusty shovel. 


Top Basic and Upgrade Items


Are you looking to enhance your Dota 2 player? Consider the top following basic items. 


Consumables - Smoke of Deceit and Healing Salve


Attributes - Gauntlets of Strength and Robe of Magi



Equipment - Quelling Blade and Infused Raindrops


Miscellaneous - Gem of True Sight and Ghost Scepter


Secret - Energy Booster and Sacred Relic