Dota 2 Heroes for Beginners

Fans of multiplayer online games know that picking a character that suits their skill level and set is essential. In Dota 2, it is important to know what kind of character to choose. Still, more importantly, it’s vital to understand their strengths and weakness. 


Heroes in Dota have their pros and cons; what the player is willing to accept and work with is what matters.


To help decide which Hero to pick, consider these characters.


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Dota 2 Heroes to Choose for Newbies 


If you are a gamer and are looking to get into Dota 2, you may be wondering which player to choose from. In Dota, there are different classifications of players to choose from. While it can get confusing, we share the five best Dota 2 Heroes for newbie players to choose from.


Lich - This blue character is a Ranged Intelligence Hero who can freeze his opponents. Lich is typically supporting; however, the higher the advancers, the more useful he becomes. 


Witch Doctor - Are you looking for an alternative to Lich? Consider the Witch Doctor, who can be both offensive and defensive. They also have the ability to heal by taking the energy of their opponents. 


Spirit Breaker - If you are new to Dota, you may find the characters a bit different than most games. The Spirit Breaker is a blue cow, but don’t be deceived by their appearance; he is a melee strength hero. While most Dota players can be improved with items, Spirit Breaker is the opposite; he is better evolving on his own terms.


Bristleback - Think of an aggressive hedgehog, that is Bristleback. This offlaner is useful for offensive play. What weapons does the Bristleback use? The quills on his back, of course! 


Axe - If you are a fan of Bristleback, consider Axe as a newbie choice in Dota. Another outlander, Axe, can destroy low HP opponents in one swift blow, which can be both entertaining and beneficial. 


Tips to the Beginner Dota Player


Once you have selected your Dota 2 hero, now it’s time to start playing. Here are some essential introductory tips for the newbie Dota player to help them navigate this online multiplayer game.


  • Don’t take what happens online too seriously. 
  • Choose an easy character to navigate the game with. 
  • Develop a thick skin, Dota can be very competitive. 
  • If you can, invest in Wards. 
  • A successful Dota 2 player is someone who can be both offensive and defensive in their role.


For gamers looking for a challenge, Dota 2 is much more challenging than League of Legends, which is often compared to Dota. What makes Dota more challenging than other online multiplayer games is that it requires strategy, coordination, skill-building. Many experienced and seasons Dota players include investing in the proper items to help their character develop and grow. New Dota players may find it pointless investing in Dota items; however, if you want to grow and move up in tiers, it is going to require dedication and investment.